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INTERVIEW18 did you get into the industry?Like a lot of people, I drifted into the exhibition industry. I did a stint in the army and left not knowing quite what to do. My father ran horse shows including most of the big ones in this country, and my twin brother does the London International Horse Show at Olympia. Both of them were BBC commentators and very involved with the horses, but I didn't want to go into that industry. I did however like the idea of events, so I took a job free of charge for three months as a sales executive and went from there. I had no sales training and was lacking in professional qualifications. The only skills I had are those that bring most people in exhibitions together: Determination, good humour and an ability to communicate.I've been with Ocean two years and before that Clarion Events. Before that I was with P&O Events.what were your main objectives coming into ocean media?When I came in this was predominantly a publishing business [Trinity Mirror] with an exhibition TeamhOcean media mD James Brooks-Ward is all about team spirit. He catches up with EN to discuss show launches, industry challenges and keeping staff motivated player