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WEhave yourNEWRecruitshave their eyesandtheir ears...OVER18,000of themTo hear our very reasonableRANSOM DEMANDS EXHIBITION Job Alert team0208 971 8282 and we'll tell younext moveEXHIBITION JOB ALERTWecall theonyourWe think productivity is all about balance - so you'll always nd the right mix of business and pleasure at our hotel. K West Hotel & Spa, a seriously cool choice for your next West London exhibition.K West Hotel & Spa Richmond Way, London W14 0AX t: 020 8008 6605 e:'s Best Hotel Serving the Exhibition & Events Industry* Sponsored Networking Bars * VIP & Exhibitor Lounges * Feature Zones * Delegate Bags * Stand Attractions

back page46 WORDThe EN editorial team ponders the lighter side of events industry life as we find it across the globeDon't you hate pants? This EN reporter sure does, which is why he was ecstatic to hear about the new hotel where you don't have to wear any clothes at all. Do you like looking at naked people or being naked yourself? Then head on up to the first 'naturalist' hotel in.oh, wait it's in birmingham. Only teasing! a news item about the hotel says it is "nestled between a nursery and residential housing in the busy suburb of erdington". Is that appropriate?STARk RAvingWhere others fear to treadWith the launch of Upper Street's birdwatching show London Wild Bird Watch Live 2012 (24 to 26 February at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes), the industry has reached a breakthrough point: Targeting anoraks. After all, great shows have come from comic book and video game consumers, so why not bird watchers? EN has had a good think about the other launch opportunities in a similar vein and hereby predicts the crime must be going up in this country. after all, supply follows demand and how else could a show like Wound expo 2011 survive? Without having read anything at all about the show, EN wonders what sales technique suits people suffering bodily wounds.Visitor: "Do you have anything to stop profuse arterial bleeding?" Salesperson: "Why of course, have yourself a coffee and leaf through our catalogue. See anything that catches your eye?"Visitor: "Stars and blackness."Salesperson (takes out iPad): "Have you seen our app?" Whatever the sale process, we're sure the cleanup for that show is going to be a nightmare.DOeS iT huRT?next few ideas are sure-fire winners for organisers over the two years:. All A-bored: Train Spotting UK. What a Boer! Historical Re-enactment Enthusiast Expo. One Man and his Dog Live.South Korea's unsinkable ambitionDo the South Koreans know something we don't? They're building what some claim (which we're too lazy to check) is the world's first floating conference and exhibition venue (pictured), to sit on the Han River. Now, we know space is at a premium in Seoul, but EN can't help suspecting this is just very forward-thinking. At the time of writing, scientists are saying our carbon emission levels have risen in the last 12 months to what they aren't supposed to be until 2020. Maybe the Koreans are just hoping to cash in as early adopters of the all-maritime exhibition industry? When the icebergs melt and Kevin Costner gets his catamaran out (don't think too hard about that) it might be time to look at floating shell scheme, salt-waterproof business cards and inflatable neckties.Who says exhibitions are a dreary, clunky method of marketing products? Not The Apprentice. a recent app-designing episode had the teams present their products live at the eurogamer expo at earls court. What better way to introduce your product than at a trade show? However, the episode pounded home the fact that a lacklustre presentation is a waste of time at any expo.TeLLing Off