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16MEGGITT PLC REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2010A leading provider of high performance sensing and condition-monitoring solutions for high-value rotating machinery and other assets.Percentage of group revenueRevenue £208.4mUnderlying operating profit£39.5mPeter Huber,President, Meggitt Sensing SystemsCredit: Siemens press pictureMeggitt Sensing AN EXHIBITIONJUST GOT EASIEREXHIBITION NEWS has added an online directory to its website to help you fi nd suppliers and venues.Visit and fi nd a supplier in seconds!Do you want to reach exhibition organisers who are about to make a purchase? For details on how you can be listed in the online directory contact the Exhibition News team on +44 (0)20 8971 8282

VENUE 33Knowing me, Knowing youRegistration system providers are pushing the boundaries of lead reporting to deliver a more dynamic and personalised exchange between exhibitors and visitors. EN reportsegistration system providers have traditionally been tasked with two jobs. The first is front-of-house and pre-show registration, where visitors enter data and receive a ticket and/or name badge on the door. In recent years, innovation on this front has largely been about getting the punters in quickly and efficiently and has seen the arrival of self-service kiosks, more user-friendly online registration services and e-ticketing services. Their second task is exhibitor lead capturing on the show floor. Registration companies are responsible for giving exhibitors the tools to scan a visitor's badge while onsite and access to that information afterwards. It is in this space that several companies are claiming to have made technological leaps. Business development consultant to Show Data Systems David Pearson said future innovation at the RTECHNologyregistration company has turned to the two-way and interactive flow of information between the exhibitor and visitor. The key to achieving this is pushing useful information back out to the visitor. "The reality is exhibitors are useless when it comes to following up leads," Pearson said. "The biggest thing a registration company can do is get more information into the hands of visitors. This will ensure visitors are better informed about who to see, who to meet and who should be going."Additionally, Show Data Systems is using the visitor's demographics and registration details to deliver personalised benefits, Pearson said. "Previously, you get your badge scanned, then wait weeks for somebody to contact you," he continued. "Or you end up with a bunch of brochures to show your boss you have been there. "We're turning this around with a process that's more like social media: An exchange of contact details that's two-way and a lead recording system."The technology can be used to give visitors a directory of who they have approached and spoken to using the LiveLead tool, Pearson said. Visitors are then given links to the show directory via a personalised subset. Organisers using this functionality today include Centaur Exhibitions.The latest step is to extend this integrated functionality to a visitor's smartphone."Our technology allows individuals on the stand to share contact details via mobile communications by allowing visitors to scan an exhibitor's badge themselves," Pearson said. "At the same time, it pushes the lead to the exhibitor so they get information on the visitor.