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back page46 WORDEN's roving reporter comes across an unlikely exhibition success and several NFL player pin-ups at a US adult entertainment showRecent "research" has revealed the word exhibition as the 2,935th most oft-appearing english word in the british National corpus (bNc). The bNc is a one-hundred-million word selection of english writing and speech, meant to represent an accurate cross-section of the language. The second 20-volume edition of the Oxford english Dictionary lists 171,476 words in current use, suggesting that our beloved word falls in the top two percentile of words most often used. We're getting there people, just keep on talking! Trouble in the end zoneThe United States of America. What can we say. Writing about them is like shooting fish in a barrel. In June, the National Football League (that's American football, not soccer) sent a cease and desist letter to the organisers of the adult entertainment show Exxxotica Expo (which has been mentioned before in these pages) because they'd used images of several NFL players in an ad for a promotional event. The Exxxotica show took places in Rosemont, Illinois in July. According to the newscasters, the players were "maintaining they had In another part of the US of a, they are still coming to terms with an obscure scientific theory that says guns are dangerous. EN is sure this isn't the first time such a story has graced our pages, but here it is anyway. a 64-year old man is being hunted by police after accidentally firing a gun at a gun and knife show in the gibraltar Trade center in Macomb county, Michigan. Is this even news anymore? get a bunch of guns and a bunch of gun lovers into a big room together and statistics say there is a 100 per cent chance of some bozo forgetting it's loaded and pulling the trigger. In the latest case, two women and a 10-year old boy were treated for injuries at the scene, although they're all ok. Oh, but nevermind, the venue has banned that one guy from any future gun and knife shows. because it's just that one guy and the show is now as safe as can be, right? GONe ShOOTiN'no idea that they were endorsing a porn star party". Sure. If our experience in the UK has taught us anything, it's that professional athletes are upstanding models of sexual propriety. Does this scandal give new meaning to "throwing the pigskin around"? For muck's sakeThis is it. It has finally happened: The exhibition industry has gone over the edge. This month we saw expos in some of the most obscure and somewhat obscene sectors imaginable.One of the standouts was from Stoneleigh Park, which reported record numbers to the Grassland and Muck and Pig and Poultry Live exhibitions in May. Grassland and Muck? What? Why? How? What possible exhibitors could there be, and who would visit? The organiser claimed record visitor numbers - did they mean two filthy sheepdogs and an old woman? To be fair, the venue claims Muck and its exhibitors attracted 15,000 farmers, making it more successful than several launches EN has written about this year. That's mucked up. In fact, it's un-mucking-believable.If muck, pornography and american football aren't enough to make you feel filthy, why don't you drop by Norfolk, Wisconsin for the North american Manure expo? Do you love excrement? Then this show is for you. preceded by the Manure Handling expo, the show aims to become a rotating event to ensure its "impact around the region". Lovely image. EN notices poo-industry workers are very careful not to call themselves "manure manufacturers" although come on, everyone does it.SpReADiNG iT AROUND2935th

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