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SPECIAL REPORT24 list is unique. It is the only attempt ever to list the UK's largest exhibitions by revenue. It is also the fi rst time a list has been prepared ignoring the artifi ciality of the 12-month cycle. This list ranks the UK's largest events, whether annual or biennial. It does not include triennials or quadrennials (IPEX being the largest) on the basis that they are too infrequent to compare. Peripatetic events, which may visit the UK occasionally, are also not listed.The shows are arranged by turnover in the UK. This is the amount of money generated by an event over its annual cycle, or two-year cycle in the case of a biennial. Earlier historical lists of events tended to be based on visitor numbers or the size of the event in gross square metres. Both methods are fi nancially incoherent as the largest events often charge the lowest rates (such as Saltex) and visitors do not necessarily generate turnover. The exhibition with the largest turnover in the country remains Spring Fair International.The turnover is that generated by the owner/organiser of the event and does not include elements such as catering. Several other criteria have been considered to defi ne this list:. Exhibitions are defi ned in the conventional way: Held in a venue with at least 1,000sqm of enclosed space and lasting In this revealing league table of exhibitions, Phil Soar establishes the largest 200 UK today by stand turnoverat least two days. Certain exceptions, like Saltex and Waste, are included as they are conventional exhibitions with a necessary outdoor element.. The listing for each show represents the latest information available via any source we can access. This is sometimes taken from independent sources and often not directly from the event website. Hence fi gures may not correspond - the most common area for confusion is the often complex distinction between visitors and attendees. . Note that event turnover can change dramatically. For instance, three of the 23 largest shows in this list at the end of 2009 had ceased to exist by the middle of 2011.. The majority of organisers will not allow the turnover of their events to be published separately and carefully avoid publishing turnover of individual events in annual reports. Consequently, we are unable to include the actual turnover event by event. We do have real fi gures for a large number of events. Where this is not available, an acceptably accurate turnover fi gure has been drawn up based on square metres sold at a predictable rate, average entry charges at consumer shows, plus anecdotal information. . Unlike publishing, radio or television industries there is no consistent information about exhibitions. In recent years, even larger groups have failed to report information on many of their events (only UBM and Emap have been consistent in 2009/2010). Historically, organisers were pleased to report their data in good times, when fi gures were rising, but show a reluctance to do so in a recession. In some instances, the information given here represents the most recent and reliable source. Over the past 10 years, only 100-120 of the UK's 800 exhibitions have consistently reported visitor and net square metres (usually via the ABC) and this number is falling. This list excludes events where there is no credible or palpably wrong information supplied (such as exactly 30,000 visitors for three consecutive years). Despite the challenges faced when compiling the data, this list presents a compelling snapshot of the industry's biggest players as they stand today. 86%TTHE UK TOP The percentage of revenue generated from exhibitor stand sales, the core source of income for exhibition organisers

Special 25 Show organiSer Venue ViSitorS net SQM FreQuency1 Spring Fair international eMap Nec 72,862 91,789 annual2 World travel Market reed exhibitions excel london 45,571 42,269 annual3 DSei clarion excel london 25,000 31,000 Biennial4 Furniture Show (includes co-locates) UBM Nec 39,730 80,000 annual5 ideal Home Show Media 10 earls court 270,500 25,000 annual6 london international Boat Show NBS excel london 101,931 49,199 annual7 offshore exploration reed exhibitions aecc 22,705 20,000 Biennial8 iFSec (includes co-locates) UBM Nec 22,743 18,997 annual9 Food ingredients UBM excel london 10,013 23,642 annual10 Hotelympia including Hostex Fresh rM excel london 32,626 24,972 Biennial11 Food and Drink (includes co-locates) William reed Nec 21,007 25,000 annual12 National Boat caravan & outdoor Show ocean Nec 96,384 54,437 annual13 autumn Fair international & Housewares Show eMap Nec 31,253 32,538 annual14 pSp Southampton Boat Show NBS Mayflower park 122,937 43,656 annual15 Bett eMap olympia 29,352 13,935 annual16 clothes Show live Haymarket Nec 171,890 11,493 annual17 ecoBuild iBe excel london 30,000 40,000 annual18 london international Wine and Spirits Brintex excel london 13,745 12,248 annual19 Grand Designs live Media 10 excel london 100,167 11,390 annual20 london Book Fair reed exhibitions earls court 15,708 11,433 annual21 BBc Gardeners World live Haymarket Nec 104,052 12,220 annual22 crufts Kennel club Nec 145,000 11,397 annual23 classic Motor Show clarion Nec 45,000 35,159 Biennial24 Glee eMap Nec 14,617 22,393 annual25 international confex UBM earls court 14,109 6,966 annual26 BBc Good Food Show Haymarket Nec 97,144 6,290 Biannual27 infosecurity europe reed exhibitions earls court 12,455 6,291 annual28 counter terror expo Niche events/clarion olympia 10,600 5,000 annual29 Moda (autumn) ite Nec 8,892 15,612 annual30 Moda (Spring) ite Nec 8,990 14,941 annual31 traffex/parkex Brintex Nec 11,134 11,189 annual32 plaSa plasa earls court 11,928 10,000 annual33 Safety and Health/Facilities UBM Nec 13,655 9,948 annual34 100% Design (includes 100% Detail) reed exhibitions earls court 22,010 6,500 annual35 MacH/Welding/lasers/robotics Mta Nec 22,692 15,316 Biennial36 Home and Gift Show (Harrogate) clarion Harrogate (Hic) 12,400 16,308 annual37 the outdoors Show VoS Media excel london 30,386 12,839 annual38 amusement trades clarion earls court 25,889 6,200 annual39 Focus on imaging Mary Walker Nec 29,000 7,542 annual40 Farnborough air Show SBac Farnborough 150,000 no firm figures Biennial41 oceanology international reed excel london 4,490 7,500 Biennial42 autosport international Haymarket Nec 40,625 28,508 annual43 international Jewellery london reed exhibitions earls court 8,932 7,940 annual44 interbuild/Glassex eMap Nec 22,293 10,982 Biennial45 interplas reed exhibitions Nec 9,273 10,788 triennial46 the education Show eMap Nec 12,249 6,729 annual47 National Homebuilding and renovating Show centaur Nec 35,000 9,780 annual48 Grand Designs Birmingham Media 10 Nec 42,578 9,477 annual49 pUre (autumn) eMap olympia 12,693 9,190 annual50 Naidex eMap Nec 11,618 7,484 annual51 international toy and Hobby Fair itHF olympia 5,118 10,000 annual52 pUre (Spring) eMap olympia 12,364 9,050 annual53 Dental Showcase BDta Nec 13,181 8,146 annual54 Sign and Digital UK Faversham House Nec 5,529 5,602 annual55 McN london Motorcycle Show Bauer Media excel london 35,500 19,000 annual56 leisure industry Week UBM Nec 9,580 5,532 annual57 the Vitality Show VoS Media earls court 44,753 4,800 annual58 internet World UBM earls court 12,192 2,700 annual59 ppMa reed exhibitions Nec 7,334 6,356 annual60 in-cosmetics reed exhibitions excel london 7,807 4,595 annual61 optrafair Nec Nec 8,007 7,759 annual62 Spirit of christmas clarion olympia 35,563 5,062 annual63 Decorex international UBM royal Hospital chelsea 8,753 5,000 annual64 learning technologies closerStill olympia 6,194 2,265 annual65 railtex Mack Brooks earls court 11,534 8,488 annual66 coach and Bus Show expo Manage Nec 6,000 8,321 annual67 Beta international Beta Nec 5,325 7,250 annual68 london McM expo McM excel london 38,000 3,500 annualshows by turnoverthe uK's top-tier organisers are well represented in this list of top 200 exhibitions, but a sprinkling of entrepreneurs, associations and regional players ensure diversity is retained - at least for now