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Special 27 show organiser Venue Visitors net sQM FreQuency150 BBc Good Food Show Scotland Haymarket Secc 16,802 1,500 annual151 360it expo reed exhibitions olympia 3,199 1,803 annual152 international policing Brintex Manchester central 1,893 1,796 annual153 care Show UBM Nec 2,000 1,662 annual154 Mediacast reed exhibitions excel london 4,412 1,500 annual155 Medtec UK UBM Nec 4,353 1,500 annual156 Nemex Faversham House Nec 3,205 1,500 annual157 transport Security expo Niche events olympia 2,459 1,610 annual158 Mediapro closerStill olympia 2,750 1,500 annual159 Scottish Homebuilding and renovating centaur Secc 9,723 1,767 annual160 Design and technology icHF Nec 3,207 1,635 annual161 Memorabilia McM expo Nec 10,000 2,146 annual162 the National Wedding Show (Spring) ocean Media Nec 13,831 2,578 annual163 Northern Homebuilding and renovating centaur Harrogate (Hic) 9,010 1,675 annual164 the event and exhibiting Show F2F events BDc 1,592 1,000 annual165 Moda Footwear ite Group Nec 3,276 2,200 annual166 Bapco Brintex BDc 1,783 1,261 annual167 Service Management UBM Nec 2,500 1,107 annual168 country living Magazine christmas Scotland Upper Street events Secc 13,169 1,735 annual169 promota Maggie regan ricoh arena 700 2,187 annual170 British Bridal (Spring) ocean Media Harrogate (Hic) 2,484 2,500 annual171 the Flying Show British Microlight Nec 4,000 3,324 annual172 Nursing times careers london eMap earls court 3,772 1,294 annual173 Maintec easyfairs Nec 1,530 1,543 annual174 Harrogate lingerie and Swimwear (Spring) Brintex Harrogate (Hic) 1,534 1,922 annual175 papercraft (x2) craftwork Yec 7,600 1,520 Biannual176 Harrogate lingerie and Swimwear (autumn) Brintex Harrogate (Hic) 1,476 1,989 annual177 HrD cipD excel london 3,419 1,500 annual178 ctN World NFrN Nec 2,187 2,000 annual179 toy collectors Fair Barry potter Nec 3,000 2,618 Biannual180 customer Strategy and Management UBM Nec 1,000 1,000 annual181 Ship repair & conversion informa olympia 1,978 1,000 annual182 Northern restaurant Show Moorfield Media Manchester central 2,700 1,377 annual183 toolfair and elex Hamerville ricoh arena 2,700 1,712 annual184 chartered institute of Housing exhibition ocean Media Harrogate (Hic) 7,778 500 annual185 South West Homebuilding & renovating Show centaur Bath & West 6,614 1,284 annual186 Nursing times careers Manchester eMap Manchester central 2,900 1,100 annual187 National Fine art and antiques clarion Nec 5,208 811 annual188 National Graduate recruitment Venture Nec 5,000 1,733 Biannual189 Who do you think you are? BBc Bristol Nec 10,559 1,000 annual190 rcN Jobsfair rcN BDc 3,596 1,000 annual191 rcN congress exhibition rcN Harrogate (Hic) 5,372 1,000 annual192 Nursing times live Scotland eMap Secc 2,694 983 annual193 childrens and adult Services Brintex icc excel london 1,546 1,008 annual194 eastern Homebuilding and renovating Show centaur peterborough exec 5,530 1,035 annual195 British craft trade Fair pSM Yec 3,500 1,200 annual196 Group leisure and travel Yandell Nec 2,000 951 annual197 packtech easyfairs Nec 1,000 918 annual198 Yorkshire Brides Yorks Brides Harrogate (Hic) 3,000 1,148 annual199 Buy art Fair Moorfield Media Manchester central 3,000 950 annual200 Body power pioneer Nec 6,000 1,079 annualconclusionFor reasons outlined in the introduction, research on the value of exhibitions remains fraught with difficulty. Despite the efforts of the Association of Event Organisers, parts of the UK exhibition industry continue to operate on the basis of 'Don't confuse me with the facts'. As a result, we'd like to stress that the accuracy of such lists depends on show organisers being prepared to supply accurate and verified information. Comments from organisers who believe their events are rated erroneously, or who would like to submit more up-to-date information, are welcome. The total aggregate turnover of the events listed here is estimated to be £380m. This doesn't represent annual turnover, as many events are biennial and some are biannual. Overall, industry figures suggest these 200 events represent 80 per cent plus of all exhibition turnover at the organiser level. Note that this in no way accounts for the full turnover of recognised exhibitions - at the most obvious level catering, parking and stand building revenues rarely go to the organiser and are not included here. But what the top 200 does demonstrate is the scope and scale of today's UK exhibition make-up. - NB. The information here has been compiled by Phil Soar in partnership with the Society of Events and Exhibition Research (SEER). Those interested in submitting feedback on the Top 200 should email EN's editor: ncameron@mashmedia.netHow total industry turnover stacks up top 2549%26-5016%101-1256%151-1753%51-7511%76-1008%126-1505%176-2002%according to this report, the largest 25 shows in the UK are responsible for nearly half of the total revenue generated by the top 200 exhibitions. the last 25 make up just 2%.

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