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WE KNOW OUR SPEAKERS FROM OUR STAND UPSWe supplied speakers and awards hosts to the four major exhibition industry events this year. The AEO Excellence Awards The Exhibition News Awards The AEO Conference The Global Event SummitThey chose us because we offer a great service and a great choice at a great price.Whether you are looking for an awards host, a keynote speaker, a facilitator or a comedian to enliven your conference or awards dinner, get in touch on 0208 877 1102 or visit our new website KNOW ENTERTAINMENTPressAdDesign_AW.indd 114/08/2011 12:05Add an extra element to your Exhibition News discount Save up to 50% Quote EN NEWS 1Dempsey 2810 ENGAGE, ENTERTAIN &INTERACTevent, tradeshow, exhibition and marketing campaigns with NomadiXdiscountContact Derek Dempsey 0845 050 THE MESSAGE TO THEMWearable, digital overhead screensILLUMINATE YOUR MESSAGERoaming hand held projectors for small or giant projectionsNomadix half page.indd 116/07/2011 08:55:05

Editorial inquiries to Nadia Cameron: ncameron@mashmedia.netAdvertising inquiries to Jaime Linin: report the UK'S contractor marKet: Who'S in control?Earlier this year, the competitive landscape of the mainstream contractor market took a significant shift as we saw the second major merger among the top ranks of the market in four years. For some time, industry figureheads have warned that if contractor margins don't improve, we will soon see the collapse of one or more major contractors. Whether or not the mergers of Stanco/Opex and then Early Action Group were forced out of fiscal necessity, no-one can deny the contractor market is vulnerable and the spread of market share has reached a virtual duopoly for the first time in the UK. Exhibition News has commissioned an independent, in-depth research project to investigate industry perceptions of contractors, the buying behaviours of organisers and why the wealth divide is so great between those that hold the lion's share of the market and those that pick up scraps. Don't miss this important piece of industry analysis in next month's edition of Exhibition News, hitting desks 1 October.EXHIBITIONNEXT ISSUE