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back page46 WORDThis month EN comes up with expo nuggets from media new and old and finds a familiar figure in an unexpected placeThe chinese government has cracked down on scantily-clad promotional ladies at chinajoy, the country's biggest annual game fair. The government bureau-hosted event has supposedly become notorious for hostesses in skimpy hotpants and bikini tops posing on booths."To be honest, I came here largely for spicy girls," said one teenage male visitor. Organisers are insisting visitor numbers have not been affected and that male visitors cared more about the games than the girls. EN speculates any girl who has bought a gaming console for their partner can probably confirm this. Ye Olde Exhibitionne NewesWhen any young upstart begins hysterically bawling about news on new media, remember this: Exhibitions have been around before all other mediums, save perhaps the printed word. An archived news article from a 1901 edition of the New York Times dug up by EN reads: Close of a successful automobile show"A large attendance of automobile enthusiasts saw the second annual automobile show come to a successful close last night in Madison Square Garden. For an exhibit that has been more thoroughly a trade show than was the first one last year, the attendance has Oh how the mighty have fallen. ex-president of the US bill clinton has taken to the lecture circuit since leaving office. Speaking at events is a business, which suggests his services are available to whoever's willing to stump up the cash. but we're not sure he's making the best use of his talents. This summer, clinton went to Las Vegas to speak at the Las Vegas Market Show, a furniture and design expo. clinton speaking at a furniture exhibition? What's he talking about, the importance of strong desks? Wouldn't he be more suited to a cigar aficionado expo? To be fair, he was supposedly speaking about globalisation. We hope he wasn't too wooden. OLD BiLLbeen a surprise to the manufacturing community, and it has made all classes realise more accurately the strong hold that the motor vehicle industry has taken upon the public."It then says steam powered cars were more worthy competitors to traditional gasoline autos. How things change.Four sheetsIf you work in the exhibition industry, then you know our bread and butter is taking wild ideas that nobody ever thought promising enough to try and turning them into successful events. We decide what we want and we go out and get it.Knowing that, perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised when Lee Newton and three other Media 10 peeps decided, with no sailing experience, to enter Cowes, one of the largest yacht races in the world.AND WON IT.That's right, with the help of four gentlemen who can only be described as old salts, the Media 10 team piloted their tub the Tinker T across the finish line five seconds before anybody else in IRC Class 6 on 12 August. Newton told EN he at first thought they must have crossed the wrong line, then the cannon went and they knew they'd won.So to all you readers: Get out there and do it.Congratulations from EN to the Tinker T crew.We've already espoused our views about the Manure expo taking place in the US. as follow up, EN would like to recognise perhaps the best headline of the month: "Nebraska Manure expo goes on despite stifling heat".The best first paragraph of a news article covering an exhibition however has to go to The Brownsville Herald, reporting on the 21st annual Texas Hunters and Sportsman's expo: "The constant rattling noise unnerved the crowd, but not enough to keep some from pressing within just inches of a pen containing 40 diamondback rattlesnakes. Inside the enclosure, Joe Martin handled the reptiles like pets."BiTS AnD BiTeSLiTTLe ChinA giRL

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