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We pride ourselves in understanding and meeting the needs of organisers, suppliers and exhibitors. Just a short walk to London's top venues, excellent transport links, delicious food, quality accommodation, competitive rates plus a management team that totally understands your needs when working on site!For full details on our facilities, rates and special packages please contact: Kripen Dhrona on Tel 020 7373 4502, Email or visit to the exhibition business

TECHNOLOGY28 you ever wondered how to inject more creativity into your exhibition, or been desperate to give visitors a thrill when they walk through the door? Then video projection mapping could well be for you. Projection mapping is a new technique that turns a static surface into a dynamic visual display. Specialised software manipulates a projected image to fi t the grooves and dimensions of the surface it is being displayed on and create a bespoke animation. These projections also commonly incorporate special effects that create the illusion of 3D depth. Until recently, digital projection was used purely to display 2D imagery and video footage, creative director of design company LCI Productions Carl Miller said."With the advent of projection mapping technology, the opportunities are truly endless," he claimed.IMMERSIVE DISPLAYSLCI Productions has used projection mapping for a range of projects including the recent launch of the Nissan Juke. Iconic building architecture was brought to life using 3D animations culminating in an event at Edinburgh's National Gallery. "In the advertising sector, video project mapping is being increasingly used as a way for brands to communicate their message to audiences in an out-of-home experience," Miller said. US-based Integrated Visions Productions is also seeing a rise in interest for projection mapping at events. The company created a video mapped backdrop for the Digital Projections International booth at this year's Cedia Expo that transformed a white backdrop into eight different entertainment venues. "Video projection mapping is a new medium that hasn't been fully explored by the artists working with it," Integrated's project manager Bryan Dodson explained. "Many people's fi rst response when seeing a projection mapping show is to pull out their phone, take pictures and video to upload to Facebook as they want to share the experience with their friends." UK projection specialists Projection Advertising markets its mapping service under the AdTrace brand. According to account manager Emily Gibson, the technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of visual creativity and innovation. One of its recent projects was for dental health brand Sensodyne. Projection mapping was used to animate the back wall of the London Science Museum and create an explosive effect where event goers could test their strength against a spring-loaded punch ball. "The harder the ball was punched, the more of the wall appeared to blow up," Gibson explained. "Spectators then watched as the wall was repaired by the Sensodyne Repair and Protect Orb. Everything was created in-house and the effect was incredible."On a slightly smaller scale, Projection Advertising employed projection mapping to drive specialist healthcare brand MSD Simponi's presence at a trade show. A scale model of one of MSD's products was built into the physical set and animated to create a virtual product demonstration. For UK-based motion graphics studio The Darkroom, projection mapping is a great . Video projection mapping is the art of taking a pre-defi ned object and creating a bespoke animation that can be projected back and warped to fi t its features.. The more abstract the image, the more fl exibility you have to create visually dynamic experiences.. Buildings and architecture provide a natural canvas for video projection mapping as they generally have depth and scale, key for a 3D illusion. . There is increasing demand to incorporate this technology into other fi elds. For example, it has been used in the place of exhibition stands and physical stage sets. - LCI Productions project manager Carl MillerPROJECTION MAPPING: THE FACTSway to surprise consumer or trade show visitors. The company was commissioned by Gadget Show Live organiser Upper Street Events last year to put together a 10-minute 'wow' moment inside The NEC-based show's Super Theatre. "Having a set designed with projection mapping in mind can create a lot more interest for the remainder of the expo by utilising the set-up for introductions, speaker presentations and brand moments," The Darkroom creative director Bruce Ferguson claimed. "The audience is seldom expecting the stage or set to come alive and transform."Technical director at XL Video David Mulcahy said projection mapping in an exhibition environment could also allow visitors to adjust parameters on a product model or see underlying structures. "Projection mapping is, in part, another step along the way of bringing virtual worlds into the real world," he added.While projection mapping still has limitations in terms of the viewer's perspective, ambient light and scale versus cost, it's defi nitely gaining a footing in live events. Improvements to projector units and price points, coupled with rising demand for experiential-led brand experiences, all add to its rising popularity. So don't be surprised if the walls at the next exhibition you attend start moving. Video-based projection mapping is in its relative infancy but already this innovative technology is allowing event organisers to bring brands and shows to life. EN reports HCOMING ALIVE