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BUSINESS 37The percentage of event marketers surveyed by IET Venues who cite business cards as their method of obtaining information to generate new leads. While 82 per cent use badge scanners, only 14 per cent said their data was fed automatically into a CRM system. The NEC has secured another show to add to its growing portfolio of livestock events. The British Alpaca Futurity, a show dedicated to alpaca breeders, owners and enthusiasts, is moving from nearby Stoneleigh Park to The NEC for its 2012 annual event. The hybrid trade and consumer show is expected to attract 1,000 visitors to 5,000sqm of space next March. Access Displays will supply a new exhibition stand for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The stand will occupy 150sqm and house fi ve of the organisation's departments. Access claims it won the contract against 35 competitors. The stand and build contractor will design, construct, install and store the IOSH stand, which will debut at the IOSH 2012 event at Manchester Central in March 2012.Informa Exhibitions has chosen the Middle East arm of exhibition contractor Melville to provide a full suite of services across 14 of its UAE-based shows next year. Trade shows now being supported by Melville include Power Water Middle East and Cityscape Abu Dhabi. The contractor will supply shell scheme, features, electrics, furniture and carpets. Temporary accommodation supplier De Boer is providing temporary facilities for 12 ice-skating sites in major UK towns and cities over the Christmas and New Year period. Teams from the Brackley-based company will build structures for changing and storage rooms, café areas, skate hire and viewing balconies. The company is also creating the rink fl oor itself at several locations.Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced VisitBritain is to benefi t from a further £27m of funding to help promote Britain in key overseas markets over the next four years. Funding for the national tourism agency will be made available to capitalise on the international attention the UK will receive during 2012 for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is in addition to the existing £100m match-funded campaign run by VisitBritain.Manchester-based venue EventCity has chosen SO Group as its mains and piped services supplier effective from 1 January 2012. In a statement, the venue said it was keen to partner with an established organisation that shared its values.The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and Reed Travel Exhibitions' Gulf Incentive, Business Travel and Meeting Exhibition (GIBTM) have struck a strategic partnership. This follows news Reed has formed an alliance with ACTE to boost the education components of its IBTM event portfolio.Audiovisual agency Blitz Communications was named AV Rental and Staging Company of the Year 2011 at the Professional AV Awards.WINNING BUSINESSCLEVER MARKETING5 OF THE BEST CAMPAIGNS OF ALL TIME1) TANGO: 'YOU'VE BEEN TANGO'D' (HHCL)This advertising campaign from 1991 featured an overweight man painted orange who darts about and slaps a man drinking Tango. The ads are arguably more recognisable than the brand and achieved phenomenal success with the phrase 'You've been Tango'd'. This has even become a catchphrase in pop culture referring to someone wearing too much fake tan.2) STELLA ARTOIS: 'REASSURINGLY EXPENSIVE' (LOWE HOWARD-SPINK)This campaign shrewdly tapped into the idea that 'you get what you pay for' with the 'reassuringly expensive' tagline. Already questioning the value of premium brand lager, customers embraced this portrayal of high quality yet affordable brand lager. This positioned Stella Artois as the leader in the branded lager market.3) HSBC: 'LOCAL KNOWLEDGE'HSBC came up with its 'Local Knowledge' campaign to separate itself from the faceless, impersonal image of a big bank. With the tagline 'The world's local bank', HSBC responded to consumers' preference for local and customised service.4) 'COMPARE THE MEERKAT' Nobody predicted how successful this campaign would be in 2009. Fronted by fi ctional meerkat Aleksandr Orlov, Compare the Market has maximised the campaign's potential, from the catchy 'Simples!' to the offi cial meerkat 'autobiography'. It is fi rmly cemented as one of the most recognisable and profi table comparison UK websites. 5) SKODA: 'CAKE'Creating a life-sized car made entirely out of confectionery was a stroke of genius. Debuting four years ago, the ad transformed Skoda's unfashionable image to a quirky, light-hearted brand whose products are made with care.- Mike Spicer is CEO of Pulse Group.THE GOOD AND THE BAD I would have to say Counter Terror Expo. Launched in 2008, sold to Clarion after the fi rst show in 2009 and we complete the earn-out April 2012.It's been an incredible journey. We've grown from 900sqm net in 2009 to 3,500sqm in 2010 and 5,300sqm in 2011. We're now motoring for 2012. The lesson learnt was speed with entrepreneurial fl uidity. Sounds trashy but here's what I mean: I approached our chairman, Phil Soar, and business partner, Nicola Greenaway, in December 2007 with the idea. As soon as we had agreed it was worth exploring, we'd typed up a one-page document and I went out on the road for six weeks, met with 30 prospective exhibitors and signed up 25. We didn't have a venue or fl oor plan. I kid you not, the fi rst set of stand contracts say 'best stand when available'!MY BEST DECISIONMY WORST DECISION77%There have been a few but here's a goodie. Setting fi re to £173k of my own cash on another launch in 2009 called Risk and Resilience Expo. We canned it two months before it ran as we didn't believe we'd get the visitors and didn't want to risk damaging our reputation. We handed back all of the exhibitor cash and paid the creditors. Do I regret it? No. We learn most from our mistakes.The show was a great idea and I believe to this day that the two directors were fully capable with proven track records. Our mistake was not to be connected to the pulse of this new launch. We set-up the two directors to work remotely from their homes and as a consequence, we were simply not close enough to feel the heartbeat. Launching a show can be a heart-stopping process at times and unless you're working in harmony as one focused unit you'll lose touch or worse, momentum. Momentum is all.PETER JONESMD AT NICHE EVENTS

BUSINESS CLINIC38 like most sales people, I like to believe I am pretty close to my clients - both current and lapsed. I think I have a good feel for what they are doing and where they are likely to have need of my services next. or so I thought. I was at a networking function the other week when I ran into a few of my 'lapsed' clients. Once the social pleasantries were exchanged I realised that in one case my 'buyer' had moved sideways on to another role (which I didn't think to check and hadn't read about in the press), a second had entered a couple of new markets I hadn't a clue were of interest to them and the third was holding a one-off business meeting that I could CATCHING UP WITH CLIENTSNAre you out of touch with your clients? Simon Naudi analyses the battle between giving your clients space while keeping in contacthave been involved with 'if only (I) had spoken to (him) sooner'.During the recession, like most good sales people, I was keen to stay in touch but ever so sensitive of not crossing that line and becoming a stalker. Unfortunately the risk with being so 'considerate' is that things change and out of sight can unfortunately be out of mind. Sometimes the obvious questions you might ask a new prospect do not readily come to mind when chatting with an 'old friend'. A REASON TO TALKIt made me realise we could all be a lot sharper in getting back in touch with our clients and prospects alike and asking more questions. Keeping an eye out in the industry press will certainly be useful to catch any promotions and role changes but don't forget social media. There are so many sites and tools these days it seems impossible to sign up to all of them, but if you do some ferreting about and see which ones your clients seem to use, you can stay ahead of the gossip.It may also be useful to email a few when you have a little news to speak about. In these cases you can reiterate your current level of understanding/awareness and simply ask whether this is still the case or whether they would appreciate a call or meeting.Think also of those opportunities when you may meet your clients and prospects at company functions as well as at social or networking events. One client of mine runs breakfast meetings and an annual event for example. These are both glorious opportunities to invite specifi c clients and to 'work the room' to ensure you have re-opened that line of communication. It is always so much easier to follow up with a call shortly after a face-to-face meeting.Do you and they attend the same exhibitions or conferences? These are perfect opportunities to catch up in a less formal way and if your conversation unveils something new or interesting, you have a great chance to arrange a more formal meeting or follow-up call.To slightly adapt the military expression, keep your enemies close but your customers and prospects closer.- Simon Naudi is the MD of Answers Group.We could all be a lot sharper in getting back in touch with our clients and prospects alike and asking more questionsA new survey has found that while most exhibitors own their own structures, many extend the life of their exhibiting presence via rental and refurb options. The Rental/Refurb Survey from US-based Exhibitor Media Group found 89 per cent of exhibitors own at least one structure, while almost a quarter have fi ve or more. In addition, 31 per cent of those exhibiting plan to build a new custom stand in the next 12 months. However, nearly six in 10 exhibit managers have refurbished an exhibit in the past and the vast majority of respondents said refurbishment was worth the investment regardless of the extent of the work done. Most extended the life of their structures by up to four years. Three-quarters of marketers understand the benefi ts associated with renting exhibits and about one-fi fth have taken advantage of rental options in the last 12 months. Nearly one-third have considered custom rentals for their programmes and 43 per cent of exhibit managers who have rented exhibits say that compared to owning an exhibit, renting has helped decrease their overall exhibit-related costs.RENTAL AND REFURB5 MARKETING PITFALLSA new online report from Birmingham-based inbound marketing agency Tomorrow People has outlined the top fi ve mistakes organisations often make when positioning their businesses via marketing campaigns. Below is a list of errors in judgement and ways you can avoid them.1. Develop a campaign, not a market: Marketing is all about market development and long-term strategy, rather than just focusing on one specifi c marketing campaign. You need to understand and listen to your market, keep up-to-date with the industry trends and predictions and help your customers to understand where the market is going next. Then build a brand and reputation.2. Don't have a continuous improvement process: Put in place a well-informed and structured process for continually assessing, monitoring and measuring what you do. Don't just throw one tactical campaign after another out there and hope it will stick. 3. Don't share your organisation's knowledge: Publish your organisation's intellectual property and make sure you uncover the nuggets of knowledge and expertise that differentiate you from the competition. It's about creating a profi le to be recognised by.4. Add a social media profi le without a plan: Everyone has rushed to create a social media profi le to tap into social media's growing popularity, but these often exist in isolation. You should be integrating your social media into the heart of your marketing approach. 5. Don't invest in transparency: Without transparency of the number of leads, visitors and opportunities generated by your marketing activity, how can you possibly improve? Avoid this mistake by making it a priority to gain full transparency on all your marketing activities and assess which actions drive the most profi table reactions. - Excerpt from Tomorrow People's eGuide on The 5 Pitfalls of Business Marketing.