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reaching predetermined criteria, our company has the costs paid back to us in full, by the exhibitor, after the show.We then waited to fi nd an exhibitor who wanted a great-looking stand and a face-to-face encounter with thousands of their potential customers for no initial outlay whatsoever. Needless to say, we didn't have to wait too long.We gave an overseas property and relocation agent the opportunity to take advantage of this offer and recommended two shows to them over the past couple of months. It was a success and we have now been paid in full for both shows including our published costs for the Rock Solid stand we included in the package. We are now considering more exhibitions next year on the same basis. The organisers were delighted to have a great looking stand at their show (I guess the money helped a little too) and an exhibitor that wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford the space got a chance to test the water and is now a client of ours and by default the organisers of these shows for a long time to come.Please don't misunderstand me. I am not talking about giving away free space to get big names into shows or contra deals with shell scheme stand builders here. I am talking about being comfortable enough with our own ability to deliver. We're trusting enough to take a calculated risk with a client and creative enough to come up with a free, unique, all-inclusive package that will have them and others coming back to exhibitions year after year with larger and larger budgets.I would like to hear from organisers from any type of trade show who have tried this in the past or who may have potential exhibitors they think may be interested in doing something similar. - Steve Slough is client services director of UK Exhibition Stands for Rock Solid Promotions.I am writing in to share some news regarding a new method of getting exhibitors to shows that may be of interest to your organiser readership.Many will be fi nding it increasingly diffi cult to get new exhibitors into their shows as the cost/benefi t risk is simply too high for fi rst-time exhibitors in these uncertain times. We recently trialled a concept we believe is both radical and groundbreaking in its inventiveness to gain new business for ourselves and two different exhibition organisers.Before I tell you what it is, I would like to ask your readers one simple question: 'How many of us actually believe exhibitions work for our clients enough to put our own money on it?'In a nutshell, we were prepared to put our money where our mouth is and pay for the space, a bespoke exhibition stand, furniture, lighting and installation upfront at exhibitions we thought they would do well at. This was done on the basis that should the exhibitor be successful in READER 41YOUR SAYA new way of getting exhibitors into exhibitions and intellectual property are among the key issues raised by this month's letters to the editorTAKING THE FINANCIAL RISKONLINE SAY-SOTwitter postsThis is from Sandy Angus: Say what you mean and mean what you say to keep a good partnership. Expo Summit TurkeyManaging people, tasks and resources. Are you doing it easily?Eventsforce"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."- Seth GodinDan O'SullivanWe just heard Samsung have just taken a very substantial order from IP Expo 2011 already. ROI = Done.IP ExpoSo should I be scratching Italy off my list of dream countries to work in? Nicole JensenGood news: I've discovered that there is A British Alpaca Exhibition. Bad news: It clashes with the Ideal Home Show. Gutted? Not really gutted. Rob NathanThe end of an amazing event with an inspiring client always makes me sad.Emilie BartaWi-Fi is doing great during Sapphire Now's keynote at SAP TechEd. Not easy at a 10,000-attendee tech event.Chip RodgersSocial media is a 2-way street. Are you watching the conversation in both directions?Tim 'Gonzo' GordonLinkedIn forumsI think we need to set benchmarks on what, as organisers, we realistically see as a KPI for in-hall wireless and work this into agreements with venues. It's clearly a no-go to even consider offering a 100 per cent connectivity rate (for each possible visitor) for any show over 1,000 attendance in Earls Court 2 as its capacity couldn't cope. But then again, we never expected to service 100 per cent of users.- Neil Robertson-Ravo at Imago Techmedia shares his views on how to improve Wi-Fi connectivity at exhibitions. His comments come after Imago used Earls Court and Olympia's eight new Ruckus Access Points during IP Expo 2011. Intellectual property rights disputesI read with interest the piece on website copyright breaches in your recent issue (Exhibition News, September 2011).This issue was raised in a recent meeting we had with the 'individual' mentioned in the story who had accused a supplier of being 'bad sports'. What was omitted from the piece was the heavy-handed way in which the situation was addressed.From what we understand, when the client decided to move its websites to another supplier, there were various threats relating to licences, copyright infringement and so on. As the 'individual' said, 'we were told, you don't want to do that'.In addition site content, graphics, copy and layout were all supplied by the client, which is common practice and somewhat puts the question of who's breaching whose copyright. Furthermore the back-end of the CMS system was fundamentally different from that of most other suppliers. When this was pointed out there was much harrumphing and shuffl ing of feet.The issue of intellectual property theft in events is a big one. Does copying a profi le with a different show name constitute IP infringement? If so, most event organisers are guilty. Does a supplier taking another's service, tweaking it and calling it their own represent copyright larceny? There isn't a supplier to the events industry who can hold their hands up to being whiter than white.My point is that there are no new ideas, just variations on a theme. That applies to the entire spectrum of event activities from event profi les to marketing methods, online services to onsite solutions. There isn't a product or service, in any form of business, that doesn't get copied to some degree. Businesses who think they should enjoy a monopoly are being portentous at worst, naïve at best.The only way to protect yourself is to ensure you make sure that your online offering is coded in such a way that source code can't be copied. Quite simple, a techie friend of mine tells me. As to onsite services, do what your grandmother did when telling you how to make a cake - don't give away all the ingredients that make it a success. - Murve Patterson is the managing editor of Ispy publishing.

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