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News| Exhibition WorldUSA - The man who oversawthe long sought-after overhaul ofunion work rules at McCormickPlace has resigned from his roleas president and CEO of theChicago Convention andTourism Bureau (CCTB).Tim Roby testified before theJoint Committee on theMetropolitan Pier and ExpositionAuthority (MPEA) last April,where he spoke passionatelyabout the need for reform,according to EW's US partnerTrade Show Executive. "Having the best facilities,labour force, hotels andrestaurants means nothing if wecan't give our customers whatthey need," he said. "From ourcustomers' perspective, whatSINGAPORE - Internationalthey need is a reduction in costs."exhibition association UFIannounced hitting an all-timemembership high at its 77thCongress.With 24 new members joiningin the past year, the association'snew total comes to 553exhibition organisers, venues,national and internationalassociations, and partners of theexhibition industry."Although UFI, like mostorganisations, has felt thesqueeze of the recession of thepast two years," said UFI MDPaul Woodward, "today it isproud to announce that itsFew languages spokenat international eventsINDIA - Reed Exhibitions Indiaand the EFY Group have formeda strategic partnership tolaunch a tradeshow for theIndian electronics industry.Planned to take place inFebruary 2012, it combinesReed's Componex NepconIndia with EFY's Electronics ForYou Expo. The new event will be officiallyannounced on 17 February 2011to coincide with the start ofElectronics For You Expo 2011,Reed partners with EFY for Indian tech event10| January 2011| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETlanguages and 6.5 per centreported five languages. "Delegates are todaytravelling to conferences fromall over the world, and thattends to imply a greater need toprovide SI services in order tocater for different languageneeds," said PanagiotisPodimatas from PC Podimatasin Greece and chair of the CRN."The survey, however, showsthat very few languages are infact being spoken."WORLD - Despite a more globalevents industry, the averagenumber of languages spoken atevents remains low according toa new survey.Simultaneous interpretation (SI)company Congress RentalNetworks (CRN) found 43.8 percent of survey respondentsreported only two languageswere being spoken at events,with 37.5 per cent reporting threelanguages. A further 12.5 percent of respondents reported fourAgent of changeat McCormickPlace resignsUFI breaks membership and attendance recordswhich will be held from 17 to 19February 2011. Reed ExhibitionsAustralia has also acquiredspecialist design tradeexhibition company Life Instyleand its accompanying brandsKids Instyle and First Instyle.current health with regards tomembership is excellent."The 77th UFI Congress, whichran from 10 to 13 November at the new Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, also brokeattendance records with more than 750 participantsrepresenting over 50 countries.MALAYSIA - Businesstourism in Malaysia is to benefitfrom MYR50m (US$16m) infunding from the Government.The money, part of the 10thMalaysia Plan, will bechannelled toward enhancingMalaysia's competitiveness inthe meetings, conference andevents arena. Minister of Tourism Malaysia,YB Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yensaid: "We have identified theneed to establish Malaysia as aleading business tourismdestination globally.Malaysia's 10-year $16m tourism funding plan"I am pleased to note thishas been recognised."The business tourismindustry is expected tocontribute US$1.2bn inincremental Gross NationalIncome (GNI) and 16,700additional jobs by 2020.McCormick Place

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