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Feature| Exhibition World14| January 2011| In 2009EWreported on the Parisian fashion anddesign tradeshows that take place twice every yearat Porte de Versailles, looking at what they weredoing to move the events on for 2010. The events,which take place at the end of summer and winter,trade heavily on the international pull that Paris has fordesigners and fashionistas across the globe. Together, the shows are seen as a hotbed of designexcellence, with a proportionally higher number ofoverseas visitors and exhibitors attending these eventsthan most international exhibitions, all keen to learn howto do it like the French.Paris and the surrounding region is home to more thanfour fifths of France's international tradeshows. However,for ready-to-wear fashion, lingerie, textiles and homefurnishing, the French capital can consider itself Europe'sinternational home.One year on, with fewer people making internationaltrips, how have these shows been adapted for success?Valerie Lemant the head of lingerie and swimweartradeshow division atEurovet, the organiser thatmanages Mode City and Interfilieres Paris. She has beengoing after first-time exhibitorsto ensure numbers don't slide.It's a goal that is as much anattempt at selling the idea ofexhibitions as a marketingmedium to potentialexhibitors, as it is making abooth at your show seem anattractive investment, shesaid. "It is quite difficult to visualise for exhibitors whowant to attend for the first time," said the former Reedshow director. "The promise we have to make to thesecompanies is that it is easy to rent a booth; that it is easyto come to Paris and exhibit. We have to tell them that thematerial organisation is easy and the price is the rightprice under these conditions."Lemant claims that while she did not struggle to getrebookings in 2010 -a problem that for her waslargely confined to 2009 -the demands of the marketin 2010 necessitated changing the way her teammarkets the events.THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETDoing it like the FrenchEWrevisits the organisers of the Paris region exhibitions to see how they have beenworking on their shows throughout the tough year that was 2010.Valerie Lemant