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Exhibition World | Newsthe Global Petroleum Show,held in Calgary last June. Business for DMG elsewherewas mixed, with the group'sunderlying operating profit risingUK- The Daily Mail and GeneralTrust's (DMG) events divisionhas experienced a decline inrevenue of 37 per cent to£110m (US$172m), due in largepart to its recent divestment ofbusinesses. The company's profits alsodropped by 19 per cent to£30m in the year to 3 October2010, attributed by DMG to thelate-cycle nature of exhibitionsand the absence of results fromtwo of its three major biennialevents, Gastech and Adipec,which had a strong year in2010. DMG's sole largeinternational biennial event wasRUSSIA - Emerging marketsspecialist ITE Group hasacquired international exhibitioncompany MVK from a group ofprivate shareholders.The total consideration is for?33m (US$44m), payable incash on completion and fundedfrom existing cash resourcesand agreed loans. Moscowbased-MVK owns 20 exhibitionsand manages annual volumesales of more than 55,000sqm.The company's largest annualexhibitions serve the furniture,packaging, pumps andmeasurement industries, whiletwo biennial events serve printingand woodworking industries.MVK had acquired gross assetsof $5.08m at the time of the dealbeing signed, and reported pre-CHINA - A Chinese court hasfound in favour of UnitedBusiness Media (UBM) in acase of unfair competitionpractice involving a localcompetitor to its GDC Chinagaming tradeshow.The Shanghai Lu Wan DistrictPeople's Law Court ruled in favourof UBM following the company'sclaims that defendants PublishersAssociation of China GamePublication Committee (CGPA), andBeijing Howell International TradeFair (Howell), had engaged in unfaircompetitive practice. The ruling is the first courtjudgment pertaining to thislawsuit in China. The court's decision saw bothWORLD- Reed Exhibitionschairman Mike Rusbridge hastold EW's US partner publicationTrade Show Executive (TSE)thatthere is "no substance" to claimsof a possible sale of its £1bn(US$1.53bn) exhibitions division.Dismissing the discussions thatallegedly took place betweenCinven and Emap owner Apax,Rusbridge described Britishreports as "rumour" that hadquickly faded away.The Daily Telegraphwas oneof several publications thatclaimed Reed was in talksabout selling Reed Exhibitions,the largest tradeshow organiserin the world with 440 events in36 nations.Despite struggling in therecession, Rusbridge told TSEthat Reed planned to launch 80exhibitions around the worldover the next two years.According to one senior analyst,a break-up bid for the wholegroup would be worthsignificantly more than the group'scurrent market value of £6.5bn($8.5bn).Apax acquired exhibitionorganiser Emap from GuardianMedia Group for almost £1.3bnin 2007.Rusbridgedismisses ReedExhibitions sale ITE expands Russian presence withUS$44m MVK acquisitionTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET|January 2011|5UBM wins unfair competition case in ChinaMike RusbridgeDMG Events divestment leads to37% revenue declineCGPA and Howell penalised forviolating "People's Republic ofChina Anti-unfair CompetitionLaw" in its approach tocompeting with UBM's GDCChina event, fundamentallyfailing to exercise fairness andcredibility, and generallyrecognised business ethics inthe marketplace. tax profit of $2.8m for the 2009calendar year. The business performedstrongly throughout 2010 and isexpected to report gross profitbefore tax of approximately$7.33m for the 12 months to 31December 2010. ITE believesthe acquisition will boost ITE'sresults within nine months ofthe 10 per cent, according topreliminary figures. Net debt alsodropped by £187m to £862m,however revenue for the groupdeclined by six per centoverall.

News| Exhibition WorldWORLD - International eventorganiser UBM Canon is movingtwo of its medical manufacturingevents into India and Brazil.The inaugural Medical Designand Manufacturing Brazil eventwill take place in Sao Paulo inJune 2012, featuring aconference and an estimated300 suppliers. Brazil's medicalmanufacturing sector is valuedat $2.6bn and produces nearly90 per cent of the medicaldevices used in the country.Running in Mumbai from 19 to 20October 2011, MEDTEC India willfeature a technical conference andan exhibition of 100 internationalsuppliers, with the aim of tappinginto India's US$1.9bn medicalmanufacturing sector.Canon Communications wasacquired in 2010 by UnitedBusiness Media, whichchanged the company's nameto UBM Canon.UBM Live, a subdivision ofUBM, announced the launch ofa Singapore edition of itsInformex chemical expo totake place at Suntec inNovember 2011.UAE - The board of ExpoCentre Sharjah has approvedforeign organisers to organiseevents at the venue.It hosts major regional eventsincluding the World Book Fairand the Middle East Watch andJewellery Exhibition but waspreviously open only todomestic organisers.However, having seen thescope for business thatoverseas events could bring tothe venue, management hasnow flung its doors open tointernationals with regionaloperations such as Reed,Informa and DMG."We are both an organiserand a venue owner at the sametime," said director general SaifMohamed Al Midfa. "In 2011 weare going to open to the world,to anyone who wants toorganise an event at ExpoCentre Sharjah." "We look at the profile and seeif it's not challenging andUFI board elects 2012 presidentUSA - Visitor visa issues to theUS are impeding participation inconventions and tradeshowsand acting as a barrier toforeign trade, according to theCenter for Exhibition IndustryResearch (CEIR).A study commissioned by CEIRtitled The Economic Impact ofInternational Non-Participation inthe Exhibition Industry Due to USVisa Issue identified exportlosses experienced in the form oflost international visitorspending in the hospitality andmeetings industries. Visa issues precluded 116,000international participants fromattending US exhibitions. Thisincludes 78,400 internationalattendees and 37,900international exhibitors.With no visa barriers in place,the US economy would realiseincreases in business salestallying US$2.4bn (US$2.6bnVisa issues costing US events industry over US$4bn, says Oxford economics survey6|January 2011| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETdevelopment of UFI's sustainabledevelopment committee. Makingdescribed Brienen as "forward-thinking" and a long-timecontributor to its cause."I've been an active member ofUFI for many years now, and lookforward to encouraging manycolleagues from UFI memberorganisations to take a moreactive role as well," Brienen saidupon his appointment. "As an industry association,UFI is an ideal platform for us toact together to tackle industryissues at a global level."The UFI president in 2010 wasManfred Wutzlhofer of Germany'sMesse Munich. SINGAPORE - The board ofinternational exhibition associationUFI has appointed Arie Brienen,the CEO of Royal DutchJaarbeurs, as its 2012 president. The announcement, made atthe UFI annual congress inSingapore, means thatBrienen's presidency will followthat of Eric Everard, executivechairman of Belgium's Artexisand Easyfairs.Among Brienen's key goals willbe the progression andUBM Canonlaunches inIndia and Brazil Expo Centre Sharjah opens its doorsto international organisersthe announcement at the 77th UFICongress, UFI MD Paul Woodwardcompeting with our profile, andallow them based on partnershipor leasing arrangement."The venue has beenworking on expanding theglobalisation of its events inrecent months. In December Expo Centre'sevent management divisionwas in Mexico looking toattract Latin Americanbusiness to the World BookFair, which is now in its 30thedition.including sales to foreignexhibitors). These gains includeUS$1.5bn in business-to-business trade, US$540m inregistration fees and exhibitionspace spending, and a US$295mboost to visitor spending. The new sales would be ableto sustain over 17,500 jobsdirectly, 43,000 jobs overall,and generate three-quarters ofa billion dollars in state andfederal taxes.Arie Brienen