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Published in association with UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, Exhibition World provides readers with news, features and interviews with key players from across the international scene and is a 'must read' for anyone serious about the exhibition business. Visit for your daily news, industry statistics and features.????qualityreports interviewsnewsmagazinedirectorycontactsnews opinionswebsiteglobal networkinterviews

Exhibition World | InterviewTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET21technologies to create communities of exhibitors or tradevisitors, to sustain and grow their respective exhibitionsand events. Many in the tourism and travel sectors areusing the Pre-Scheduled System (PSA) to connect theirexhibitors with their buyers. This PSA technology hasworked for many but not for all. Hence, my company isalso in the midst of developing another version of thePSA, which we hope to launch in February. What other observations do you have on theinternational exhibition industry, or perhaps on theSingaporean market? Since assuming the leadership of AFECA in 2007, I havebeen articulating the "Asianisation of the MICE Industryin the New Century". In other words, I am of the view thatmore and more organisers, conventions and exhibitionswill be moving to Asia in the new century, in tandem withthe globalisation and economic growth of China andIndia. These two juggernauts are not likely to slow downin the near future. In Singapore, I see many challenges facing theexhibition industry, not so much for the other eventsectors. While many of the mega events that we host inSingapore are able to hold their own, many of thesmaller events are facing the problems of attractingmore exhibitors and visitors, in the face of similarexhibitions and events being held in China.Notwithstanding this challenge, I do not believe in thezero-sum game, that the Chinese market would hollowout the industry in Singapore. However, in order tosustain our prime position in Southeast Asia and in Asia,we need to enhance the ecosystem in order to create amuch larger marketplace in Singapore, for our exhibitorsand trade visitors.What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?When I can find the time, I love playing a round of golfwith my buddies in Singapore. But these are now few andfar between due to my frequent travels and othercommitments. Another of my pastimes would bewatching my Tanjong Pagar United (Jaguars) footballteam play in Singapore or my favourite English team,Arsenal on the goggle box.| February 2011|It's not surprising Liu doesn't have a lot offree time. Here is a small list of some of thecurrent posts that keep him occupied.. Chairman, Trade Development Committee, WorldFederation of Consuls. President, Singapore Association of Convention & ExhibitionOrganisers & Suppliers (SACEOS) . President, Asian Federation of Exhibition & ConventionAssociations (AFECA). Advisor, Exhibition Industry, China Council for the Promotionof International Trade (CCPIT) . Advisor, Chongqing Convention & Exhibition Bureau, China. Board Member, International Association of Exhibitions &Events (IAEE), USA. Chairman, IAEE Asian Exhibition Council . Chairman, Tanjong Pagar United Football Club