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Exhibition World | Feature31Despite claims that the Hong Kong market issaturated by the world's biggest organisers, theChinese-owned Special Administrative State ishome to an increasing number of international exhibitionorganisers and events.The attraction for organisers is, of course, Hong Kong'sgateway status with mainland China. This is a place thatoffers companies from Europe and North Americasomewhere to take their shows to grow where, due todistance, their own visitor bases are unlikely to becannibalised. And despite the heavy presence of bigplayers such as UBM and the German Messes, everyoneis trying their hand.Diversified, which is looking to spread into China,demonstrated its interest in Hong Kong with the launch ofits Seafood Exhibition 2010, one of three the organiserheld recently at the Hong Kong Convention andExhibition Centre (HKCEC). The company has an officein Hong Kong, and is understood to be launching morein the near future.Informa is launching a clone of its Europeans Vitafoodsevent at Hong Kong's other major venue, AsiaWorld-Expo,this year. The event has been held at Palexpo in Geneva foralmost 10 years and, at 7-8,000sqm, is now large enoughthat Informa felt it was appropriate to clone it. IIR Exhibitions MD Peter Hall said: "We wanted to createan event that is an equivalent to our event in Geneva. Andthat's possible to do in Hong Kong. It will have its ownvisitor base. The local HK market isn't there, but it's easierto get business from China."Group head of exhibitions at Incisive Media, AndyMather, is also launching a new show at the HKCEC. OnlineInformation is a simplified geo-clone of the technologyshow Online Life, which runs at London Olympia in the UK."We'd been hearing that East Asia was the mostdesirable growth area for our exhibitors. We decided HongKong was the best place to launch because it's a gobetween for China and the West, and we wanted to attractboth visitors and exhibitors from countries in that region."Our London event is attractive to people from the MiddleEast for example, but East Asia doesn't come to London."The HKCEC is continually undergoing development tocope with the increased interest, not least a new rail line torun under the centre and service multiple districts and apotential Exhibition Station, which could provide directaccess to the venue. Cliff Wallace, former UFI president and MD of theHKCEC, says the venue has seen profits rise by six percent for the first six months of this financial year, andexpects the trend to continue. "There's a growing desire to go into China, but there's stilla comfort factor in Hong Kong. Good venues and a highlevel of professional private management fits in well witheveryone's requirements," he adds.Hong Kong is not the only option for people trying tobreak into the Chinese market. Taiwan and Singapore alsooffer routes into China, but Hong Kong is still the closestwindow for people who want a look-in. Hong Kong: knockingon China's doorEWexplores Hong Kong's allure for international show launches.THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| February 2011|The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CentreFive of the HKCEC's largest and mostsuccessful expos:1) HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics FairHong Kong Trade Development Council2) Electronic AsiaHong Kong Trade Development Council and MMI Asia3) Mega ShowKenfair Exhibition (HK) Ltd 4) HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Hong Kong Trade Development Council 5) Hong Kong International Jewellery and Gem FairUBM Asia