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Exhibition World | Newsto become a major newdestination for business events."The first win is the directeconomic impact of theseevents themselves, the localemployment that comes fromexhibition displays, logistics,catering, security and so on, allthe many aspects that go tomake the successful event."The second win is that eachevent attracts thousands ofvisitors to the venue, exhibitorsand delegates alike. They bringa massive economic impact,spending money on flights, onhotels, on meals andentertainment," he added.OMAN- The OmanGovernment has officiallybroken ground on its new OmanConvention and ExhibitionCentre in Muscat. The development project,which claims to be the country'sfirst convention and exhibitioncentre, will include 25,000sqmof exhibition space and85,000sqm of office space aswell as four hotels, anauditorium for 3,000 delegatesand a shopping mall. Oman's Minister of NationalEconomy, His ExcellencyAhmed bin Abdulnabi Macki,said this facility will allow OmanTHAILAND - UBM Asia(Thailand) will act as specialconsultant for Thailand's BOI2011, an event the organiserexpects will be one of thebiggest trade fairs everorganised in South East Asia.It will be the third time theThailand Board of Investmenthas organised the exhibition,and the second time UBM Asiahas been chosen to managethe project. The previous eventtook place in 2000 andattracted more than 4.5 millionvisitors.For 2011, UBM has allocateda full-time team to work with the BOI Fair Co-ordinationOffice at Board of Investmentheadquarters, a move thattakes into account UBM'sexpanded role this time around.The show will givegovernment and private sectorsopportunity to showcase Thaiindustry to outside investorsand businessmen, showcasingproducts from the technology,manufacturing and agriculturalsectors. The event runs from 10to 25 November at the ImpactExhibition and ConventionCentre in Muang Thong Thani.SINGAPORE - SuntecInternational, a member of theARA Group, has signed apartnership contract withAdelaide Convention Centre(ACC) to promote the Australianvenue internationally.The agreement comes fourmonths after Suntec signed itsfirst contract with the VancouverConvention Centre. The partnership makes SuntecInternational the ACC's sales andmarketing representative fordrawing more meetings andevents from Asia to Adelaide,and calls for sales-driveninitiatives that will generate leadsand sales activities for MICEgroups and associationsconsidering Adelaide. "This arrangement offers usimmediate and direct access intothe market and we believe that,with the number of direct flightsemanating from Asia, Adelaidewill make inroads into this sector,"said ACC chief executive, AlecGilbert. The ACC recently announcedAgility Fairs and Events as its newpreferred logistics supplier.AZERBAIJAN- ItecaCaspian will launch five newshows this year at the BakuExpo Center.The new projects areplastics and rubber expoPlastex Caspian; fast food fair IFFF Caspian; power and alternative energy expo Caspian Power; roadinfrastructure and publictransport expo Road andTraffic, and sportswear and equipment exhibitionSportExpo. The exhibitions,which are officially supportedby the AzerbaijanGovernment, are part of aseries of 24 shows planned torun in the country this year.Iteca Caspian launchesfive new shows inAzerbaijanAlso launching this year isCaspian: Technologies for theEnvironment (CTE), aninternational exhibition andconference for environmentalprotection. The exhibition wascommissioned by the Ministryof Environment and NaturalResources of the Republic ofAzerbaijan to address the useof green technology. Iteca says success comesas a result of closecooperation with ITE Group,which attracts nationalgroups and internationalexhibitors to participate inAzerbaijani exhibitionsthrough its internationalnetwork of offices.UBM Asia appointed consultant of Thailand BOI 2011THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| February 2011|9Suntec partners with AdelaideConvention CentreFirst Oman convention and exhibition centrebreaks groundAdelaide Convention Centre

News| Exhibition WorldSOUTH KOREA - Daegu'sExco exhibition centre aims tobe Korea's first green venue intime to host the 2011 GreenEnergy Expo, following anexpansion that will double itsfloor space.New energy-saving featuresinclude solar panels, a solarheating system andgeothermal water heat pump.The expansion is expectedto be complete by the end ofBELGIUM - EasyFairs isforecasting a 20 per centincrease in annual sales for the2010-2011 financial year. According to a companystatement, the tradeshoworganiser expects to report?33.5m (US$45.1m) for the 12months to June 30, 2011, upfrom ?27.9m. It attributed therise to organic growth as wellas its acquisition of Belgianorganiser Fairtec lastSeptember."Our aim is to reach ?50mrevenue by 2014 throughorganic growth andacquisition," said EasyFairsCEO Jean-François Quentin. EasyFairs chairman andfounder Eric Everard, whostarted his tenure as UFIpresident in January, said thenews was a sign of growth inthe exhibition industry.According to UFI's Sixth GlobalBarometer Survey, theexhibition industry hasemerged from the recessionand will see revenue growthduring 2011.EasyFairs forecasts 20 per centrevenue growth10|February 2011| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETGERMANY - The Association ofthe German Trade Fair Industry(AUMA) claims trade fairbusiness in the country will growin terms of both exhibitors andvisitors this year.Trade fair organisers areplanning to hold 135 domesticshows at international level thisyear, according to theassociation. "With the industry now well onthe road to recovery, AUMAexpects a moderate increase inexhibitor and visitor numbers,compared with correspondingevents in previous years," saidAUMA director of public relationsHarald Kötter.March, shortly before the eventwhich will bring 400 exhibitorsSOUTH AFRICA - SouthAfrica has accepted a formalmembership invitation from theBRIC (Brazil, Russia, India andChina) group chairman to jointhe growth market alliance. According to variousinternational media reports, theinvitation was made during aphone conversation betweenChinese foreign minister YangJiechi and his South Africancounterpart, Maite Mkoana-Mashabane. South AfricanMalaysian 10 year $16m funding planpresident Jacob Zuma will beinvited to attend the third annualBRIC leaders' meeting inBeijing in April via letter fromChinese president and currentchairman of the group HuJintao.The BRIC countries held theirfirst summit in 2009, an act ofpolitical cohesion hoped toincrease the group's influencewith established maturemarkets such as Europe andthe US. German trade fair industrypredicts moderate growth in 2011and fill 27,000sqm of floorspace in early April. Th e Premier Event for Top ExecutivesWhere CEOs Share Success StrategiesJoachim Schäfer Managing Director Messe Düesseldorf Learn proven solutions to boost revenue Meet and network with the industry's top performers Access vital research and trends" ECEF is 24 hours well spent!It provides a broad overview of international trends plus immediately actionable ideas."JUNE 1, 2011JW Marriott | Washington, DC USAAPPLY TODAY! Attendance is strictly limited to senior executives from event producing organizations (associations and independents).Gold Sponsor:Platinum Sponsor:Silver Sponsor:www.eceforum.comGreener Exco to host energy exhibition