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COUNTRY PROFILEIssue 1 | 2012 www.48exhibition-world.netcompany a global brand awareness. Many of the events it organises in other countries have become the second or third largest exhibition in their respective industries, topped only by fl agship fairs held back in the motherland. Messe Frankfurt president and CEO Wolfgang Marzin claims its worldwide presence is the result of consistent and logical utilisation of globalisation opportunities. "Our most important tools in this respect are a global network, comprising 28 subsidiaries, and network links to more than 50 international sales partners," he says. "This interaction creates presence, optimum platforms and industry expertise in more than 150 of our customers' target markets. "Overseas activities have become increasingly important in recent years and Messe Frankfurt will be continuing to develop its overseas business in the future as well."One example of the consistent strategic growth of a subsidiary company can be found in Russia, where Messe Frankfurt has been present since 2001. "We have been able to double the pace of business over the last 12 months from the Moscow offi ce," says Marzin. "This was primarily attributable to our own exhibitions ? Techtextil, Texcare and Heimtextil ? as well as cooperative ventures with other international organisers including ISH Moscow and SHK Moscow, which are being held in April 2012 in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf." The company's international reputation recently helped it to get the American NAMM association onboard to jointly organise the new NAMM Musikmesse Russia and Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia. Messe Frankfurt has also taken over the organisation of Interlight Moscow, strengthening its profi le as global market leader for building and lighting trade fairs.Growing a giantMunich is Germany's third-largest city and the powerhouse of the country's economy, where fi nancial and insurance sectors as well as high-tech companies and carmakers play a key role. The city is the home base of seven DAX companies, the German stock market index.Messe Munich's home portfolio is clustered under three pillars: capital goods, consumer goods and new technologies. Each segment is topped by fl agship Left:Entering Messe Cologne Below:The exterior of Messe Cologne2.9bn The preliminary fi gure (Euros) for turnover of trade fair organisers in GermanyWHERE IS GERMANY GOING WITH ITS OVERSEAS EVENTS? (2010 RESULTS)Non-EU EuropeAsiaLatin AmericaNorth America54.9%61%23%6.6%4%

The Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in Europe's No. 1 region for innovation.You will see innovations here first!www.messe-stuttgart.deVisit our mobile web pages at: 117.01.12 09:58Succeed with us all over the world>>www.messe-duesseldorf.deOur leading and specialized trade fairs are tailor-made platforms for successful business. The main features: Machinery, Plant and Equipment Trade and Services Medicine and Health Fashion and Lifestyle LeisureAltogether we organize more than 40 trade fairs in Düsseldorf of which 22 are No. 1 in their industry. We also carry out roughly 120 other events in more than 20 countries.Wherever you need us - we are there. Worldwide. Succeed_w_u_GB_87x224_4C.indd 113.07.11 12:53