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Always on hand to strengthen your business in the MENA region.At Messe Frankfurt, we are constantly searching for new ways to best suit the needs of exhibitors around the world. In the MENA market, we offer you the most professional platforms for business in the region. Come discover our ever expanding series of industry-focused exhibitions - we look forward to welcoming

Interview| Exhibition World 18| April 2011| Although not a pure-bred exhibition organiser,publishing giant Informa runs 130 exhibitionsaround the world. Peter Rigby has been chiefexecutive of the US$4.2bn global business since 1988,then trading as Informa Business Communications.Today, one third of the company's profits come fromexhibitions, conferences and corporate training. Itsbusiness is expanding rapidly.As a niche provider of information and knowledge,many of the company's exhibitions came from largerconferences, magazines or newspapers, with othersspawned from partnerships with media companies ortrade associations.The company recently formed a new single brand of10 global business companies under the name InformaExhibitions, including IIR and Euroforum.Informa Exhibitions will promote and manage its showsin the US, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, BRIC andAustralia. Its top exhibitions include the Monaco YachtShow, Arab Health and IPEX, the quadrennial globalprinting industry event.Here, Informa chief executive Peter Rigby tells EWthatexhibitions and tradeshows were the company's mostresilient products in 2010, soon to provide the mainstayof the company's events revenues.THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETInside InformaInforma chief executive Peter Rigbytalks to EWabout humble beginnings, going aftervirtual events and being cured of accountancy.How did you get into the international exhibition business?I joined Stonehart Publications in 1983 as finance director.Stonehart was the forerunner to Informa and was alreadyin the conference and small exhibitions arena. Fromrelatively humble beginnings and a combination oforganic launches, mergers and acquisitions withinInforma we now have 130 exhibitions.Having been an accountant in 1983, I became chiefexecutive of the Group in 1988 and stumbled into theexhibition business having been cured of accountancy.For us it has been an exciting ride from what was a verysmall company to one with a current market capitalisationof £2.5bn and on the verge of the FTSE 100.What are Informa's goals for the next 12months? Five years?Over the last three years, Informa has experienced toughtimes like many companies. We have been somewhatprotected by our publishing businesses althoughexperienced some weaknesses within events. For many people in events, Informa included, 2011 hasto be the year when growth returns. Certainly the stockmarket is expecting that of us. This year is a year ofexpansion for us and we expect to run 30 more shows