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virtual conferences and virtual exhibitions. There is aplace for this but we shouldn't expect that just becausewe are in a technological world that people will never,ever leave their desks.I think the future is very exciting and I look forward toensuring that within Informa we are pro-active in virtualand online events but only where the customer requires it.What kind of partnerships/joint ventures willyou use to expand in China and the Middle East?If we had a choice and generally speaking we do, wewould prefer to own our properties completely, ratherthan have partnerships and joint ventures. However, in some parts of the world and not just inChina and the Middle East it is preferable and even vitalto team up with other organisations. These could includetrade associations, government bodies or localcommercial entities. Wherever in the world, maybe more so in emergingnations, whether we have a partner or not it will be takenon a case-by-case basis. It may be moreimportant/crucial if starting up from scratch without alocal presence where the existence of a local companyas a partner may be hugely beneficial.Sometimes it is only possible to do business in certainareas of the world if you have a local partner and on otherExhibition World | Interview21occasions it is just better commercially. So that is why, interms of structure, there is no preferable one and theycan vary from commission deals to commercial jointventures and equity partnerships with different levels ofequity participation.You can imagine ventures are based on branding, onsoft dollar swaps and even arrangements as simple ascross selling and cross marketing.Do you have any plans for further expansion inTurkey, Indonesia, Mexico or other non-BRICemerging markets?Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico are all markets that areexciting and very much emerging, but with localdifficulties at times. We have been cautious thus far about capitalinvestment; not just in these countries but elsewhere too.We are able to use our network of international offices andmore or less test the water and succeed if we get theproduct offering right, whether we have a local office or not.What do you do when you're not working?I enjoy sport in general and specifically skiing andgolfing. I live in Switzerland which is great for walkingand biking. Having usually spent all week in an officeor on a plane the most important thing is to be outsideon a weekend.| April 2011|Tips for success from Peter Rigby. Realise that a business is for profit, don't apologise forit. Be open-minded and listen - there are good peoplethroughout the group who can help you do well. Watchand learn from others' experiences and use good advicewisely.. Aim to be financially competent, highly energetic,commercial, open-minded and in just about allenvironments, a team player. . It's very important to chase opportunities. When this rolebecame available to me, it seemed right, plus I had the feelingthat I had a good head for business and commerce, rather thanjust finance. I also knew that I was more interested in people,products and growing a business, rather than just numbers.. By spending time with as many people as possible, I can putthem together with others with similar business interests, whichhelps them and helps the group.. I could never be an FD or accountant again, but to have thefinancial skills as a background means I can always understandacquisition criteria, margins, percentages, borrowing, profit andloss and so forth. Bringing those financial skills to a businesssituation and applying them to commercial skills has beenenormously helpful for me."If you think it's worth going for, go for it. Had I stayed as an FD Imight might have moved to a different corporation but may not havehad the opportunities." THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET