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Visit and fi nd a supplier in seconds!Exhibition World has added an online directory to its website to help you fi nd suppliers and venues.ORGANISING AN EXHIBITIONJUST GOT EASIERDo you want to reach exhibition organisers in buying mode? For details on how you can be listed in the online directory contact Andrew French on +44 (0)20 8971 8282.

Venues| Exhibition World28| April 2011| Although venue management company SMGEurope prides itself on a fleet of sports andentertainment venues, it also runs its share ofexhibition venues and has recently expanded its portfolio ofvenues with several conference and exhibition centre projects.However, while some commentators continue to insistthat the European market has reached saturation andlevelled off, SMG Europe's director of new businessdevelopment Tracey Short says it's a good time to be avenue manager in Europe.The present In a surprising twist, the austerity measures and cut-backsbeing rolled out by many European governments havecreated a commercial opportunity for private venuemanagers such as SMG."As a private venue operator, SMG Europe has seen adramatic increase in the number of enquiries over thepast year," said Short. "This is partly due to the austeritymeasures being put in place and the desire toinvestigate opportunities to transfer publicly-fundedvenues to the private sector." Short said when a fiscallystricken government looks to make cuts, it sometimesgoes to its venues to trim the fat. A publicly-fundedvenue owner can save money by employing amanagement company like SMG, which knows the rightstrings to pull to cut deals with suppliers."It's a trend I started to see in the US before I left," saidShort. "A lot of the local jurisdictions were having theirfunding cut so they were looking for other options for someand were looking to see if they could be run moreeffectively by a private company." Although many publicly-funded buildings are very well-run, they don't have accessto the same economies of scale as a global company likeSMG when it comes to supplies and services, she claimed."Sometimes we are able to leverage our relationshipswith promoters where we can get improved deals becausewe are operating in multiple venues," said Short. THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETBrick by brickMike Trudeau speaks to Tracey Short, director of new business development at venue management company SMG Europe, about the company's plans."We have seen it before so we knowwhat traps to expect and avoid."Short said the European exhibitionmarket is witnessing a shift from pureexhibition venues to buildings withintegrated conference space."Associations require exhibitions as amajor revenue generator for theirbusiness, but the increasing demandfor quality meeting content meansthe optimal venue combines flat floorspace and meeting facilities."The future: Turkey and beyondOne example of this for SMG is unfolding in Istanbul. Thecompany hopes to capitalise on the second-tier Europeanexhibition markets trying to boost their nationalinfrastructure. It will operate the multi-use Ora Arena andConvention Centre (10,500sqm) in Istanbul, Turkey and theWroclaw Stadium and Conference Centre in Wroclaw,Poland when they open later this year."Poland continues to be characterised as an emergingmarket because until recently they have not had venuesthat met the standards and specifications demanded tohost global events," Short said.Although some commentators say the European marketis saturated for organisers looking to bring their shows tonew territories in Europe, the pace of venue constructionsuggests there is still strong enough demand to justifyexpansion. Combined with the trend of governmentshanding venue management to private companies, now isa promising time for companies like SMG to strengthentheir European foothold.Tracey ShortTimeline: SMG's expansion2000:SMG creates SMG Europe with acquisition of arenasin the UK, Germany and Norway from Ogden Entertainments.2004:Continues UK expansion with Journal Tyne Theatrein Newcastle.2009:Odysseum opens in Cologne, Germany.2010:Extends Manchester Evening Standard Arena leasefor 25 years, signs 15-year contract with Odyssey Arena.2011:Ora Arena and Ora Convention Centre to open inIstanbul, Turkey, and Wroclaw Stadium and ConferenceCentre to open in Wroclaw, Poland.2013:Leeds Arena to open in Leeds, UK.Ora Arena and Convention Centre