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News| Exhibition World WORLD- Event organiserTarsus Media Group reportedstrong performance in 2010, theweaker year in its biennial cycle,with notable success in itsmedical, Middle East andemerging market sectors.Emerging market resultsincluded 22 per cent revenuegrowth and a 27 per centvisitor rise to Labelexpo India,and 40 per cent revenuegrowth and a 13 per centvisitor rise at Dubai businessaviation event MEBA. The medical sector eventsgrew 18 per cent.Meanwhile, LabelexpoAmericas revenues were downseven per cent and revenuesfor the company's French officedropped five per cent.Revenue was £43.6m(US$71m), three per cent upon comparable biennial year2008. Total profit after tax was£4.3m compared to £4.9m in2009."As 2010 progressed itbecame increasingly apparentthat the global economicrecovery had begun," saidTarsus chairman Neville Buch.WORLD-Centaur Media saw a15 per cent increase in revenuefor the six months ending 31December 2010.As stated in the company'sinterim results statement,Centaur saw revenues of £27.5m(US$44.5m) compared to lastyear's £23.9m. Of this, £5.5mcame from events, up from£4.8m in the same period lastyear. Centaur's events saw anoverall loss of £600,000,compared to an £800,000 lossfor the same period in 2009.Year-on-year revenues acrossCentaur's general businessservices division, which includesbusiness travel, human resources,recruitment and logistics, droppedsix per cent from £3.2m to £3m.This was due mainly to the changein timing of the Business TravelShow in Dusseldorf, which will nowrun in April 2011, and thecancellation of the Enable Show,Emerging markets bolster UBM eventsWORLD- Informa will expandits events portfolio in Asia-Pacificand emerging markets afterreturning stronger revenue andoperating profits in 2010. The company reported events revenue of £551.4m(US$892.49m) for the year to 31December 2010, down one percent year-on-year, prompted bylower US results. However,global events operating profitincreased 10 per centorganically to £93.5m.The results were off the backof total revenue of £1.22bn in2010, and adjusted operatingprofits of £313.2m (up 1.2 per cent)."After the economic difficultiesInforma plans growth after solid results6|April 2011| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET2009), profit from the emergingmarkets accounts for 28.6 percent of that figure; an increase ofmore than 20 per cent.UBM CEO David Levin(pictured) described UBM'sperformance as "robust". "Performance in 2010achieved 4.9 per cent headlinerevenue growth, bolstered by20 per cent growth in ourlargest emerging markets ofChina, India and Brazil, whichnow account for a quarter ofWORLD-Emerging marketsnow count for 40 per cent ofUnited Business Media's eventsrevenues, following a 33 percent revenue rise in thesemarkets for the year ending 31December 2010.Emerging markets businesshelped contribute to UBM'soverall revenue increase of 4.9per cent for 2010, and while thecompany's overall adjusted profitremained level at £171.8m(US$277.68m; up £600,000 onTarsus sees MiddleEast opportunity,western declineCentaur reports revenue increaseour adjusted operating profit,"he said.UBM's events businessaccounts for 34.8 per cent ofUBM's total revenues (2009: 33.9per cent) and a little over 54 percent of total adjusted operatingprofit (2009: 50.9 per cent).The organiser recentlyacquired Indian travel andtourism exhibition SATTE, andagreed a joint venture tooperate the Famdent dentalexhibition and conference.which ran for the last time a yearago. However the loss wasmitigated by a strong performancefrom the Employee Benefits LiveShow in September 2010.In general, the general businessservices division was loss-makingin the six months to the end ofDecember because Centaur'smajor events run in the secondhalf of the financial year. Overall,events provided 40 per cent ofdivisional revenue (£1.2m).experienced over the last twoyears, the Group is in a strongplace to deliver organic growth,"said Informa CEO Peter Rigby."We are investing in newproducts, recruiting andenhancing our sales teams andgeo-cloning our leading events."Also last month, Informaformed a new single brand of 10global business companiesunder the name InformaExhibitions. Rigby added thatexhibitions and trade showswere the most resilient productsin 2010.See our interview with PeterRigby on page 14.

Exhibition World | NewsTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET7RUSSIA - Emerging marketspecialist ITE Group has acquired Russianexhibition business Krasno-dar Expo from its owners, a group of privateshareholders.Based in the south ofRussia, Krasnodar has aportfolio of over 20exhibitions with annualBRAZIL - Reed ExhibitionsBrazil has acquired Sao Pauloorganiser Multiplus Fairs andEvents (MFE).Focussing on the ethanolmanufacturing sector, MFE'sportfolio includes Fenasucro,Agrocana, the Brasil EthanolTradeshow and Sucronor. Theorganiser also producesfurniture market eventsincluding Movexpo e Brasil,Movinter and Saloao Abimovel."Multiplus is an important step insecuring our position in thebroader energy market of Brazil,and a key strategic element in ourglobal renewable energy strategy,"said Reed Exhibitions Americaspresident, Chet Burchett. "MFEalso puts us into important marketsin Brazil's Northeast and the interiorof Sao Paulo State."Brazil is the second largestproducer of ethanol after theUSA, and the world's largestethanol exporter.volume sales of 50,000sqm.The largest events serve theconstruction and agricultureindustries, which complementITE's existing portfolio.The business reported apre-tax operating profit ofabout US$3m for 2010. ITEbought the company for $14m,payable in cash, with halfdeferred awaiting confirmationof audited figures."Krasnodar has a strongregional market position in the South of Russia which fits well with current business,"said ITE CEO Russell Taylor."Krasnodar's portfolio iscomplementary and theaddition of this business isconsistent with the strategy ofexpanding regionally."ITE purchases Russian exhibition businessUSA - Global Sources hashighlighted its exhibitionbusiness as a key revenue driver. The B2B media companyreported total revenue ofUS$62.4m in the last quarter to31 December 2010, compared to$54.9m in 2009. Pre-tax earningshit $11.1m, up $1.5m year-on-year. Exhibitions revenuecontributed $29.9m of this figurecompared with $25.8m in Q4,2009. The company alsoannounced revenue of $194.2min the 12 months to 31 December2010, and adjusted pre-taxearnings of $32.2m up from$25.2m in 2009.Exhibition highlights in Q42010 included the inauguralChina Sourcing Fairs inSingapore and South Africa."We are focused onincreasing market penetration inour core, export-focusedbusiness; expansion in China'sdomestic B2B market; and newtradeshows in new verticals andlocations," chairman and CEOMerle A. Hinrichs said.Messe Frankfurtmoots Saudisecurity eventSAUDI ARABIA- MesseFrankfurt is considering enteringthe Saudi market with its securitytrade show brand Intersec.The decision follows thecompany's corporate strategy toexpand its presence in the regionwith a series of 'highly-targetedtrade events'. Countries in the ArabianPeninsula are forecast to spendAED7.7bn (US$2.1bn) onsecurity-related systems andequipment in 2013, according toDubai-based Epoc MesseFrankfurt CEO Ahmed Pauwels.In other Saudi Arabia news,the Riyadh InternationalConvention and ExhibitionCentre (RICEC) will increase itsfloor space by 10,000sqm to anew total of 25,000sqm as partof plans to meet expectedbusiness growth.Messe Frankfurt's Americanarm, meanwhile, has partneredwith, a sourcingmarketplace for internationalmanufacturers. Together, thetwo companies will work on2011 New York textile eventsTexworld USA, InternationalApparel Sourcing Show andHome Textiles Sourcing Expo.All three events take place from19 to 21 July at the JavitsConvention Center.Global Sources reportsexpo revenue uptickReed acquiresBrazil organiserPlans progress fornew Indian venueINDIA - A new exhibition andconvention centre outside theindustrial town of Manesar in theState of Haryana, India, ishoped to generate more than350,000 jobs in admin,maintenance, retail andhospitality for the region.The US$556m ExhibitionConvention Centre (ECC) willstand on a 253-acre site at thejunction of the Kundali-Manesar-Palwal Expressway,which is under development,and the National Highway 8,which is being widened fromfour to six lanes. Joint owners will be theHaryana state governmentthrough the Haryana StateIndustrial and InfrastructureDevelopment Corporation andthe Indian Government throughthe Delhi Mumbai IndustrialCorridor DevelopmentCorporation or similar agency.The project is expected totake two years once finalised.| April 2011|