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Preview| Exhibition World 30| May 2010| ECEF2010 E CEF producer and moderator Sam Lippman, president and founder of Integrated Show Management and Marketing, has adjusted the schedule of the 2010 event to allow 30 minutes of extra question and answer time, and extended the popular interactive problem- solving session, " Peer to Peer Learning Exchange". Now in its ninth consecutive year, ECEF is a forum aimed at business media and association executives. Keynote speaker at ECEF will be Peter Weedfald, president and chief marketing officer of General Displays and Technologies, who will discuss how his company relies on exhibitions to improve customer care and protect its competitive lead. He also plans to demonstrate why business media companies and associations need to reposition their events as " opportunities to increase exhibitors' productivity". CEO of OutsourceWorld, David Etzler, will describe his use of marketing research as a foundation for rebranding his exhibition, and how the results he discovered sent shockwaves through his company. Senior VP of public affairs for the US Travel Association, Geoffrey Freeman, and director of the US Department of Commerce's Office of Travel and Tourism, Helen Marano, will provide the current outlook on business travel into the US by attendees and exhibitors. Executive director of the Water Quality Association, Peter Censky, will present a case study of successfully managing two divergent " cultures", a US association and an overseas business media company, in order to create a profitable international event. Lippmann said he tried to keep sponsorship to no more than 20 per cent of participants this year, and that participants have been screened to keep credibility as high as possible. The Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum 2010, taking place on 2 June 2010 at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC, will focus on strategies for driving growth despite economic uncertainty. Exhibition industry professionals from around the world will descend on New Delhi in June to attend Expo Summit 2010. THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW. EXHIBITION- WORLD. NET S cheduled to run from 4 to 5 June at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, the summit will bring together professionals from every field of the exhibition industry to discuss the past, present and future of exhibitions in India. Whereas last year's show brought 224 participants, the organiser, Manch Communications, is hoping to see more than 300 participants at the 2010 summit. " Participants will include exhibition organisers, stand builders, logistics companies and service providers," says Manch director Kiran Mittal. " This year we're expecting a stronger international presence at Expo Summit 2010, with people flying in from Thailand, Hong Kong and Germany, as well as the Middle East." The opening discussion will look at the inherent strengths of Indian industry, and the impact of the rapidly growing Indian economy on the country's exhibition sector. Speakers will include Paul Woodward, regional manager of UFI for Asia and the Pacific; Marco Spinger, director of the global markets division of the Association of German Trade Fair Industry; Mark Cochrane, MD of the Business Strategies Group; Michael Duck, senior VP of UBM Asia and Nicky Mason, MD of IIR Exhibitions. The guest of honour will be Dr Subas Pani, the chairman and MD of the India Trade Promotion Organisation. Sessions during the two- day expo will discuss India's exhibition industry and its place in the overarching Asian market, including a review of the performance of the exhibition industry in India last year, forecasts for the industry's future and the biggest challenges it faces. Expo Summit 2010