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Exhibition World | Gallery WWW. EXHIBITION- WORLD. NET THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY33 UFI Open Seminar in Bahrain This year's UFI Open Seminar in the Middle East was held at the end of March in Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Delegates gathered to discuss the a programme titled the ' Toolbox for Future Exhibition Management'. | May l 2010| Amira Bakri Musa provides the music Ibrahim Al Khaldi, Vincent Gerard and Paul Woodward relax by the pool Hani Ghanem, Jo- Anne Kelleway, Amanda Slater and Trixie Loh Sheena Dias, Amal Abdulla, Debbie Stanford- Kristiansen, Paul Woodward and Mahesh Bhatia Sunglasses the order of the day Chapter meeting attendees make their bid to become the official UFI football team Nasser Deeb, Mirza Abdullah Beg and Ahmed Saleh Baabood get to the punchline

Gallery| Exhibition World 34| May 2010| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW. EXHIBITION- WORLD. NET UFI MD Vincent Gerard leads the Chinese puppet performance team UFI Education Focus Meeting A record 220 delegates from 24 countries and regions gathered in Taipei for UFI's Education Focus Meeting, hosted by TAITRA. In light of strong economic recovery around most of Asia, the event focused on Innovation for Business Growth. Enrica Baccini and Giovanna Duca from Fondazione Fiera Milano Michael Duck, Janos Barabas and Narindej Thaveesangpanich go over the paperwork TAITRA's Kevin Tseng, Sarah Chen, Julia Lin and Sylvie Ku UFI president Manfred Wutzlhofer flies the flag Walter Yeh, Vincent Gerard, Michael Duck and Paul Woodward No escaping the camera for Jorg Beier and Rowena Arzt UFI's Xianjin Chen, TAITRA's Chih- Kang Wang and Chih- Peng Huang of the Bureau of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economic Affairs Jo- Anne Kelleway and her gracious assistant, Chakkarin Aungpratip