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Phone - +44(0)1296 719582 160 Fax - +44(0)207 691 7844 Accessories & Interface Units RF Booster Unit 100m Maximum Range This unit acts as a signal repeater for any RAKOM messages within a house effectively boosting the system range. With two external aerials the unit can boost system range to 100m. Ref: RAB100 RF Controlled Mains Twin Relay A compact dual relay RF switching module. Ideal for integrating motorised curtains, blinds and projector screens with the lighting control system. Use with RPS03/06, RAV232, RAVIR. Ref: RACUB 8 Channel DMX Controller A compact DMX RF dimmer for multi channel DMX controlled light fittings. Can be used to control light fixtures such as colour change LEDs, fibre optic projectors and cold cathode. Controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device. Ref: RADMX Whole House Timed Controller Fully programmable 7 day time clock for automating any Rako RF control system. Control lighting, blinds and curtains automatically. The unit calculates the dusk and dawn times using latitude and longitude settings ideal for home security when combined with motorised window treatments. Ref: RAMB1 USB to RF Interface for RASOFT Software Designed to operate with the Rako RASOFT PC programming software. The unit provides a wireless link from a PC running RASOFT to RAKOM enabled receiver devices such as the RDL range of dimmers. Ref: RAUSB Bi-Directional Serial RS232 to Rakom Interface The unit provides a bi-directional wireless link from an AV system to RAKOM enabled receiver devices such as the RDL range of dimmers and RACUB curtain, screen and blind modules. Ref: RAV232PLUS Infrared to Rakom Module Designed to be located out of sight along with other audiovisual sources it creates a link between infrared based controllers and Rako RF based receivers. Control Rako Dimmers by standard IR commands, PSU required. Ref: RAVIR Volt-free Contact Closure to Rakom Module Volt-free contacts can be used to select 4 scenes and off plus the master raise and lower functions. The volt-free inputs could be from contact closures of an alarm system, entry gates, passive infra red device etc, allowing simple wireless interfacing to the Rako control system. Ref: RAVFR Use Mobile Phone to Control Lights Send a SMS text message to control any lights, curtain / blinds or on/off devices. One text message to switch off all lights, or a text message to set a welcome home light scene. Requires GSM Modem and SIM card . Ref: RAVSMS Lighting Control Intelligent Partition Control Unit The Rako RAIPC is an intelligent partition control unit designed for use rooms that are divisible into smaller rooms by demountable partitions. The unit accepts inputs from up to 2 partitions giving a total of 3 individual rooms or combinations thereof. Ref: RAIPC Serial RS232 to Rakom Interface The unit provides a wireless link from an AV system to RAKOM enabled receiver devices such as the RDL range of dimmers and RACUB curtain, screen and blind modules. Ref: RAV232 BeirutDohaDubaiRiyadhAmmanDamascusErbilDDANo other trade fair organiser delivers more trusted business contacts For more than thirty years, IFP Group has been the leading organizer of trade fairs in the Middle East, a position that now sees us staging more than 32 international exhibitions every year. From corporate gatherings and trade fairs to conferences and major events, we do it all. No other event organizer in the region can challenge the breadth and reach of IFP Group.IFP GrouP BuIldING, 56th St. hazMIEh. P.o.Box. 55576 BEIrut, lEBaNoN. tEl: + 961 5 959 111 Fax: + 961 5 959 888, E-MaIl: INFo@IFPExPo.coMwww.ifpgroup.netCovering every economic sector, IFP Group organizes over 30 international trade fairs every year, attracting tens of thousands of exhibitors and millions of buyers

Exhibition World | InterviewThE magazinE for ThE global ExhibiTion communiTy WWW.ExhibiTion-World.nET | may 2011 | 21well experienced and hard-working team but also we have a network of agents, supporting bodies, sponsors and contributing governmental and non-governmental organisations.Add to this the partnering bodies with who we co-organise specialised events. This comes as part of the game, when you're a leader; large organisations want to benefit from your experience and strength to ensure they reach their goal when they have their events.Are there any countries or regions you would particularly like to enter or expand your presence in over the next 24 months? If so, are there any obstacles or issues you would like to address?Yes, we are serving the region and where the region needs us to be we will be.We don't always have to have an office and permanent staff to be present. As I told you earlier, we had our first Rebuild Iraq in Kuwait and at the time we were only present in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.We have our expansion plan and we have our presence plan but we execute what best fits the market. Our ultimate goal is to succeed but we do not just want to go to a country just to add another spot on the map. We have to make a difference and succeed.As a Middle East specialist, do you see the growing number of international organisers entering places such as Saudi Arabia as a threat or an opportunity for partnership? I see this as an indicator of potential and proof that we are delivering good work and providing value, otherwise the market would have not asked for more.We nourished the market and showed value and this is why others are coming.Competition is healthy, but I believe we have an edge over the others, however, we cannot see why we would not partner with others when a partnership can lead to further success. On the other side, we keep innovating and are driven by both the needs of the market and the competition. How is the current political activity in the Middle East affecting your business? For example, how has your business in Syria or Egypt been affected?Politics highly impacts trade activities and therefore trade fairs are highly dependent on stability. Luckily our major operations are in stable and flourishing countries. Despite all the turmoil in the region we expect to achieve additional growth in 2011.What trends are you noticing emerging in the international exhibition industry in general?I believe that the exhibition industry is all about networking and socialising with the aim of doing business. The human element of networking and socialising will never change but the industry of networking is changing in terms of technology and digitalisation.Moreover, the industry is evolving in parallel to the needs of companies and the market. Today we need to really find the companies that the country we are exhibiting in requires and not only the companies wanting to enter this specific market.What would you be doing if you were not working in the exhibition industry? Certainly working in a social activity. People only succeed when they do something they like. Networking is at the heart of our business because I have pleasure doing this.And finally, what do you do to relax?Surprisingly I get relaxed by networking and socialising. I'm always surrounded by friends. I think this is why we have made such a wonderful business out of networking. Albert AounOur ultimate goal is to succeed, but we do not want to go to a country just to add another spot on the map. We have to make a difference and succeed.