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page 36 TRAPS & MONITORING EQUIPMENTAlways read the label. Use biocides safely.INSECT CONTROL |INSECT TRAPS & MONITORING EQUIPMENTSP TABPack of 24ORDER CODE EXOSSPTBy exploiting patented Entostat powdertechnology, the target pest is in effectprogrammed to cause confusion and dis-rupt mating amongst its own population.This 'Active'approach means that matingdisruption, traditionally suitable only foroutdoor crops, is also suitable for enclosedenvironments, providing a much neededtool for pest controllers working with foodmanufacturers. Effective against Ephestiaelutella, Ephestia kuehniella, Ephestiafigulilella, Cadra cautella & Plodia inter-punctellaSP TAB DISPENSERPack of 24ORDER CODE EXOSPPDSpecially designed dispenser, in foodenvironment 'blue' and metal-detectablefor use with the SP tabCL TABPack of 24ORDER CODE EXOSCLTExosex CLTab is a unique, pesticide free,pheromone based monitoring trapenhancer for clothes moth.Using Entostat powder, a natural foodgrade product, combined with thepheromone specific to the female clothesmoth (Tineola bisselliella) to create anintelligent and pesticide free system for useon clothes moth. CL TAB DISPENSERPack of 24ORDER CODE EXOCLPDSpecially designed dispenser designedspecifically for the CL tab for discreetapplication in homes, museums etcEXOSEX 'AUTO-CONFUSION' RANGEUnlike conventional pheromone traps which monitormoth numbers, exosexSPTabis an 'Auto-Confusion' system which employs pheromone tocontrol stored product moths. Using Exosect'spatented EntostatTpowder technology, exosexSPTabuniquely produces an automatic transfer of aconfusion effect in male moths. This process (Auto-Confusion) spreads sexual confusion throughout themale moth population thereby interrupting themating cycle and reducing the moth population.Male moths are attracted to theexosexSPTab, which containsEntostat powder formulated withsynthetic female pheromone.Male moths pick up Entostat powder and female pheromone. The male's pheromonereceptors become overloadedand so the male is unable tolocate females.A male carrying Entostatpowder will form a mobilepheromone dispenser,producing "false" pheromone trails, which attractadditional males.Contact between the malesensures that the Entostat powderand the confusion effect isautomatically passed on, thisprocess is called Auto-Confusion. The result is astate of sexual confusion amongstthe male moth population leadingto effective mating disruption.The Auto-Confusion effectdramatically reduces thechances of the female moth tomate. In the unlikely event thatmating does occur, delaysbeyond the optimum period offertility of the female moth willreduce the number and viabilityof the eggs.exosex®SPTab'Auto-ConfusionT'exosex®SPTabNEWTRUSTED BY THE PROFESSIONALSVisit and fi nd a supplier in seconds!Exhibition World has added an online directory to its website to help you fi nd suppliers and venues.ORGANISING AN EXHIBITIONJUST GOT EASIERDo you want to reach exhibition organisers in buying mode? For details on how you can be listed in the online directory contact Andrew French on +44 (0)20 8971 8282.

Exhibition World | IndiaThE magazinE for ThE global ExhibiTion communiTy WWW.ExhibiTion-World.nET | may 2011 | 25Winning backing from friends in high places is crucial to the success of any campaign. We see evidence of this on the news every day; Libyan rebels would have been helpless to tackle their dicatatorial leader Muammar Gadaffi without allied air support, while on the other hand influential friends kept equally divisive figures such as former US president George W Bush in power for eight years.In our industry, nowhere is the need for recognition and support more apparent than in India. Favourable estimates put the country's annual economic growth at around 8.9 per cent. It has a young economy, its middle class is expanding and improved public spending power means the people will certainly benefit from trade fairs. It's no secret India has huge potential to become an exhibition giant, but for the time being, two related statistics paint a glum story.The first is this: the relatively tiny island state of Singapore, a country with three truly world-class international venues, claims 40 million tourists every year. By contrast, tourist traffic in India last year was less than six million.The second is that China, the country perhaps most commonly compared with India in terms of size, growth and international potential, has almost four million square metres of space now, and an exhibitions industry over 10 times larger than that of India.Germany, a country of 80 million people, has 3.5 million square metres of exhibition space. If you compare that with the 250,000sqm of purpose-built indoor exhibition space in India, with a population the size of Europe (1.2 billion) the market is simply unable to allow the industry to grow as it could.India, very much in the nascent stage, remains unable to capitalise on the potential its international exhibition industry presents.But the times they are a-changing. Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA) chairman Indra Mohan is spearheading a campaign to provide newfound friends in India's Government with the ammunition they need to win the Indian exhibition industry the recognition it deserves."The Indian exhibition industry needs to be recognised as an industry sector," says Mohan. "We call it the 'exhibition Setting India's agendaThe Indian Exhibition Industry Association is building the case for public sector recognition. Antony Reeve-Crook speaks to the influential figures turning the wheels.