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indeed, repeat trade ShowS include:. hospital Build 2011. Singapore International Jewellery Show 2011 & 2012. . Singapore Gift & Stationery Show 2011 & 2012 . aesthetics asia 2011. Dye+Chem asia 2012 International expo . Franchising & Licensing asia 2011These successful events are why marina Bay Sands was named recently as "asia's Best mICe hotel" by CeI asia, the leading mICe magazine. It also nabbed the second spot for "asia's Best Convention and exhibition Center".Both accolades came in before marina Bay Sands crossed its first year mark.It was also recently chosen to be the venue of the 67th annual General meeting (aGm) for the International air Transport association (IaTa) this year after the organizer decided to shift its meeting to Singapore from Cairo, egypt. To be held from 5-7 June, the IaTa aGm will attract about 800 delegates, including some 150-200 CeOs from air-lines, manufacturers, airports and other industry part-ners."We remain nimble-foot-ed to respond to event organisers who need to book venues with us at short notice, such as IaTa," said mr Zin, "We will not rest on our lau-rels and will continue to lead the industry with our unique touch and innova-tive solutions that define marina Bay Sands as the place where possibilities are endless."With a meeting space of more than 1.3 million square feet over five floors of exhibition and convention space, the Sands expo and Convention Center can host a variety of events such as cocktails, gala dinners, fashion shows, din-ner and dance, weddings and concerts - the possibilities are endless. Some recent examples include:offShore aSia 2011marina Bay Sands played host to some of the world's most prolific leaders in the offshore industry during the Offshore asia Conference and exhibition 2011 from march 29-31, 2011. Sands expo and Convention Center, hall a was con-verted into a brightly lit exhibition hall with various oil and gas exhibitors such as aker Solutions, Cameron e15 and China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation. apart from converging in the exhibition space, delegates carried on their conversations in the conference rooms on Level 4, which offered a distinctive change in environment throughout the duration of the show.ifai expo aSia 2011a first of its kind, IFaI expo asia 2011 made its debut at ma-rina Bay Sands from march 22-25, 2011. Organized by the Industrial Fabrics association International (IFaI), IFaI expo asia 2011 was a much anticipated event among technical textiles experts and saw over 1,400 registered participants from 39 countries. Large buyer delegations came from Thailand, Indonesia, malaysia, China, australia and Japan. Visitors also came from north america, africa, middle east and europe. BMw world SinGapore In celebration of its 25th anniversary, BmW Group asia brought together BmW World Singapore at marina Bay Sands. Drawing inspiration from the iconic BmW Welt in munich, this is the single largest Southeast asia showcase of BmW cars and motorcycles past through present. The six-day event was held from 9-14 november 2010 at Sands expo and Convention Centre hall B, spanning a total of 50,000 square feet of exhibit space. Key highlights of the exhibition included the asia premiere of the all-new BmW X3, showcase of BmW roadster herit-age and the BmW GIna Light Visionary model. Kids were not left out with BmW KidsWorld, where they had fun at or-ganized junior workshops and the kiddietrack. The center part of the expo hall was a gourmet lounge operated by the banquet team from marina Bay Sands, providing visitors a selection of quality food and SpaceS availaBle for rentWith the opening up of more attractions such as the artScience museum, marina Bay Sands is also offering more creative venues for organizers. The artScience mu-seum is available for event organizers to rent the unique gallery spaces for five-hour blocks. What's available for rent: the entire museum; or Levels 3+4 as a package. In-terested parties can for more details. Advertorial

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT |SPRAYERSAlways read the label. Use biocides safely.38GLORIA SPRAYERSSALES ENQUIRIES| t0117 967 2222 f0117 961 4122GLORIA 141T 5 LTRSPRAYER5L ORDER CODE SPGLSS5Consists of a welded stainless steel container which comes with a pressuregauge, safety relief valve, decompressionvalve & carrying straps. Other featuresinclude the brass trigger, brass pump &brass lances. 176T 5 LTR GALVANISEDSTEEL SPRAYER5L ORDER CODE SPGL176GLORIA 142T 10 LTRSPRAYER10LORDER CODE SPGL142Has the same specification as the 141Tbut a larger 10 litre capacity.172RT 10 LTR GALVANISEDSTEEL SPRAYER10 LORDER CODE SPGL172SPARES FOR GLORIA 141, 142, 176, 172BRASS LANCE EachORDER CODE SPGLO5LHOSE ASSEMBLYEachORDER CODE SPGLO5HBRASS TRIGGEREachORDER CODE SPGLO5TGLORIA SEAL KITPackORDER CODE SPGSEALCRACK/CREVICE NOZZLEEachORDER CODE SPGCCRNTELESCOPIC LANCE 1 - 2mORDER CODE SPGLBTLGLORIA FLAT FAN NOZZLE ASSEMBLYEachORDER CODE SPGLO5NGLORIA REPLACEMENT PUMPEachORDER CODE SPGLREP8765431214832567Technology | Exhibition World| May 2011 | ThE MagazinE for 32ThE global ExhibiTion coMMuniTy WWW.ExhibiTion-World.nET In late 2010, events technology provider Fish Software announced it was moving out of the tradeshow market and concentrating more on consumer and entertainment events. Rights to the company's flagship software were snapped up by US-based Alliance Tech in a deal allowing the two companies to cross-licence their respective products. Now, Alliance can use the Fish real-time measurement system alongside its own more passive technology.The real-time location (RTL) system flaunted by Fish Software is hardware-heavy: it requires each visitor to carry a badge with its own battery, which must be collected again when the visitor leaves. The venue also needs to be fitted with a system of receptors and other hardware. In fact, Fish made a strategic withdrawal from the UK after venues were slow to take up the expensive hardware installations necessary to make the system work.Alliance's flagship radio frequency identification (RFID) system, on the other hand, is passive where Fish was active: badges do not need to be individually powered and can be taken out of the venue or thrown away. While the range of the badges is only about 15 feet, the venue doesn't need the extra infrastructure to use the technology. Similar to no-touch card reader systems used by banks and public transport authorities in some countries, each badge would have an individual digital 'fingerprint' that could be picked up by sensors or scanned by stand staff. Using the unique digital signature, one could call up information about the visitor including but not nearly limited to preferred language, sector, company and potentially even buying history, or which other stands the person has visited. For example, if you bought a BMW seven years ago and walk on to the BMW stand at the Geneva International Motor Show, the on-stand salesperson would know to approach you. This could also be used by organisers to alert exhibitors on an iPad or laptop whenever a hosted buyer entered the stand.For the organiser, the real-time nature of the technology can let them see where visitors are crowding, and respond in an instant by, for example, moving a drinks stand to draw visitors through emptier areas. Exhibitor teams could be alerted to areas experiencing a high concentration of powerful buyers and send a delegation to approach them. No strings attachedWireless technology could hold the key to huge amounts of exhibition data, improving visitor and exhibitor experience and helping the organiser make sales. Mike Trudeau speaks to Alliance Tech CEO Art Borrego about what the future has in store.Art Borrego