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29Catalogue2008:Rev01:09:08Cassettes&SprocketsPartNo:C3(individual)£9.25PartNo:C4(multiple)£8.95MarchisioSprockets&CassettesMarchisiocassettesareconstructedfromaviationqualitysteel.Theyoffertheriderahugechoiceofsprocketsin8,9or10speeds,thataretraditionallynotavailablefromeitherCampagorShimano.Spacersareavailableinvariouscolours,theyrelatetothetypeofCassetterequiredpleaseringforadvice.Whenorderingitisveryimportantthatyouspecifyexactlywhichmake,typeofhubandversionyouhave,thiswillallowustosupplythecorrectsprocketandlockingringetc.ExampleShimano:Dura-Ace:10speedPleaseaskforaquote.DiscountavailableoncompletecassetteOrdertwoormoresprocketsandreceivethe'multiple'discount!!Gallery | Exhibition World| May 2011 | ThE MagazinE for 34ThE global ExhibiTion coMMuniTy WWW.ExhibiTion-World.nET IEIA gives India a liftThe Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA) launched a new event in March aimed at winning Government recognition for the Indian exhibition industry.The IEIA Open Seminar took place at the Leela Palace Kempinski hotel in New Delhi on 24-25 March. Among other dignitaries, the event won the attention of two Government ministers who urged the industry to provide them with forecasts of the benefits the industry can bring.In the same week, the Indian branch of exhibition logistics stalwart RE Rogers, managed by UFI board member Ravinder Sethi, celebrated its 25th anniversary.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT |DUSTERSAlways read the label. Use biocides safely.42DUSTERSSALES ENQUIRIES| t0117 967 2222 f0117 961 4122DR5 SPARE PARTSORDER CODEDR 5SPB1DU5Accessories DR 5Injector needle, curvedSPD51NJNoSpare Parts DR 51ValveSPD5VAL2Hose assySPD5HOS3Pistol valve assySPD5TRI4Powder tubeSPD5BRW6Pump assySPD5PUM7Safety valve, 3 barSPD5PRV8Sleeve SPD5PSL8aSleeve9aO-Ring 50, 16 x 5,3410aValve Gasket11aGasket 21/15,4 x 212aGasket 17/11 x 1,513Gasket 11,9/7 x 1,5 (Viton) qty. 12 per packSPD5TRG13aGasket 11,9/7 x 1,5 (Viton)14Carrying beltaGasket SetSPD5GAS DR5 PROFESSIONALPOWDER DUSTEREach ORDER CODE SPBIDU5DR5 ALUMINIUM RIGID LANCESCan be used with dusts and liquids, can also be used with Gloria sprayers. 1 x 700mm ORDER CODE DR5EL701 x 1.5mORDER CODE DR5EL15DR5 1-2M ALUMINIUM TELESCOPIC LANCELance is sent out complete with a 1/4 inch brass nut to allow connection to existingapplicator (included in cost).Each ORDER CODE SPDU5EXDR5 1M STANDARD LANCEEach ORDER CODE SPD5EXTLANCE CARRYING TUBEA Sturdy 5 ft, rigid plastic tube ideal for the safe carriage of applicator lances. Helpsprevent damage and loss of poles and ensures that these kit is kept neat and safewithin your vehicle. Wide enough to hold at least 6 lances. Each ORDER CODE LANTUBEA 5 Ltr tank that holds approximately 3-4kg of insecticide powder/dust. It worksat a maximum operating pressure of 3bar. Other features include pressure reliefvalve and air valve. It also comes withcrack and crevice brass nozzles.For all the latest news and up to date industry information visit '