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M& Issue 2 | 201213he pace of acquisitions across the global exhibition industry shows no sign of letting up, with 18 deals announced in the last quarter. Turkey is the busiest country in terms of international business development activity and March brought a spate of announcements involving international players strengthening their existing positions and one major organiser entering that market.Tarsus Group has now consolidated its market position with the acquisition of 70 per cent of Life Media, organisers of Zuchex and Ideal Home, the market leading trade shows for housewares and gifts. In terms of organising companies, the structure of the Turkish exhibition sector comprises the organising arms of the two main venues CNR and Tuyap, followed by four medium-sized organisers - IFO, Life Media, YEM (which sold 60 per cent of its business to ITE last year) and NTSR (who also features in this quarter's news). The acquisition of two of these main players makes Tarsus the third-largest international organiser in Turkey after ITE and Hannover Messe International (HMI).UBM's entry into Turkey came in 2010 when the company acquired 65 per cent of Rotaforte, the market-leading jewellery show brand. The business is managed by UBM Asia as a standalone company, so it was only a matter of time before a wider business was established. Now UBM Turkey has been created together with a strategic partnership with NTSR to manage the new business. The development of the new company will include replication of UBM's existing brands into Turkey. HMI has also been active, buying out the remaining shares from two of its joint ventures. The company will acquire the remaining 50 per cent of Sodeks, organiser of ISK-Sodeks, the largest trade show in Turkey serving the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning markets, as well as the remaining interest in Cebit Bilesim Eurasia, Turkey's leading ICT trade show. Just as it looked as if Reed had missed out on one of the fast growth markets, the company surprised us all by signing a 50/50 joint venture agreement with Tuyap Holdings, operator of a number of exhibition centres across Turkey including the second-largest venue in Istanbul after CNR. The JV is with the exhibition division of Tuyap and initially involves three shows, but it appears this is just the beginning. The plan is to extend the JV to cover the rest of Tuyap's shows. With the prime businesses in Turkey now all in partnership, attention should switch to Asia. Although several of the major organisers have been long established in that region, expect to see moves into the Asian market by a number of other organisers over coming months. DEALMAKERSMAYFIELD MEDIA STRATEGIES MD STEVE MONNINGTON INVESTIGATES THE LATEST M&A ACTIVITY AND FINDS EVENT ORGANISERS ARE RAMPING UP THEIR SPENDINGSTEVE MONNINGTONMD, MAYFIELD MEDIA STRATEGIESACQUISITIONS THIS QUARTERBuyerSellerCountryShows/BusinessCentaurEvent and Exhibiting ShowUKEvent PlanningGlobal SourcesChina Int'l Brand ClothingChinaFashionMedia 10 EcoVelocityUKMotorReedBook Blogger Convention USABooksReedEquip'hotel Brazil HospitalityReedExpo SeguridadMexicoSecurityReedAll-Energy AustraliaAustraliaEnergyReedOnline Retailer Conference/ E-Commerce ExpoAustraliaTechnologyUBM4G WorldUSATelecomsUBMDentechChinaDentistryUBMInsight MediaUSAAirport CitiesUBMMalaysia Int'l Furniture FairMalaysiaFurnitureREED SURPRISEDUS ALL BY SIGNING A 50/50 VENTURE WITH TUYAP

14Issue 2 | 2012 www.exhibition-world.netAIRPORT VENUESirport venues are increasingly popular for heavy equipment shows as well as the air shows for which they were typically built. The prospect of exhibitors landing their equipment and simply crossing a strip of tarmac to lay their products out for incoming visitors poses quite an incentive, as does the prospect of saving the cost and inconvenience of sleeping in a hotel and dropping in and out of a hotel on the same day. It certainly works for venues such as Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, home to the Geneva International Motor Show. Recent research by AMR International indicates that a lack of freedom to spend time away from the offi ce has led to reduced hours in the exhibition halls.The fact hasn't escaped the notice of two venues in development in Germany and Dubai, and another being planned in the US, looking to up the ante for organisers running major equipment shows and, of course, big international air shows.In Berlin a new multi-purpose exhibition centre titled Berlin ExpoCenter Airport is almost ready for completion, due in May/June 2012. The venue is just 800 metres from Berlin's new BER airport, a future international hub near the village of Selchow.The 50,000sqm venue is already scheduled to host exhibitions including the Berlin Air Show (ILA) and a launch fashion industry event Panorama. An outdoor display area for spectators and access routes covering 100,000sqm will also be built for this year's edition of the show.The Al-Maktoum International Airport in Dubai is developing its own 'Aerotropolis' at the heart of the new 150sqkm Dubai World Central, a strategic LANDING THE BIG SHOWSA NEW BATCH OF AIRPORT EXHIBITION CENTRES IS MAKING ITS WAY ONTO THE GLOBAL VENUE SCENE. EW TAKES A LOOK AT THREE THAT HOPE TO TAKE THE LION'S SHARE OF HEAVY PRODUCT EVENTS initiative by the Government of Dubai. The site includes a dedicated exhibition area, a factor behind it winning the 2013 Dubai Air Show. "There are hundreds of aerospace-dedicated events, and more than half the market comes to Dubai because we now have the ideal space for it," Alison Weller, MD of organiser F&E Aerospace, tells EW.Take-off in the desertsIt's in Las Vegas where perhaps the most signifi cant new airport development is unfolding. A new company has been set up to develop and build a 92,000sqm venue on the outskirts of the desert city.AeroQuestUSA is making plans for a new exhibition and convention centre on the site of Henderson Airport, 24km south of the city's largest convention centre; the Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention Centre.AeroQuestUSA's president and CEO Kenneth Gazzola says the venue is being built with large equipment and utility shows in mind; shows he claims "don't currently exist in Las Vegas". The loading areas at the venue are designed to be oversized to accommodate air shows, boat shows or other large equipment events."While the number of aerospace and defence shows in Las Vegas is currently small, we hope to grow this segment," adds AeroQuestUSA business development director Lisa Mayo-DeRiso. "Las Vegas has a solid history in this industry, with Nellis and Creech air force bases and the Nevada Test and Training Range." Watch this (aero) space. BelowProposal images of the Berlin ExpoCentre Airport