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HEAD-TO-HEADIssue 2 | 2012 www.28exhibition-world.netSpecialised Exhibitions has been organising trade shows in South Africa since 1968. We, along with the joint venture arm to our business Montgomery Africa, constitute a portfolio of diverse event offerings from building to mining, hospitality, security, marketing and many more.The trade shows we run have moved from representing total local market content to providing a signifi cant platform to international companies seeking to penetrate not only the South African market but also Sub-Saharan Africa.In order to facilitate this interest and growth in our exhibitions, we have found it both effective and effi cient to appoint international agents. These agents facilitate the participation of companies within respective vertical markets at our trade exhibitions. To illustrate the success of such partnerships, we have utilised the services of OTSA (Overseas Trade Show Agencies) in the UK, to facilitate the exhibiting experience of European companies at South African exhibitions. OTSA has access to numerous European markets and is a respected agent. The company also has key relationships with both multinational and smaller entrepreneurial companies looking for export opportunities in Africa.Through a mutual collaboration and structured combination of fee and commission incentives, agent-based sales relationships are adding signifi cant value for all players - exhibitors, visitors and organisers alike.International sales agents will continue to play a vital role within our market space. The relevance of the services they provide, we believe, will continue to grow.Messe Berlin has a worldwide agent network that consists of 72 foreign representatives in more than 130 countries.Our aim is to provide exhibitors and visitors with a knowledgeable local contact for Messe Berlin's events, trade fairs and congresses. By working closely with our foreign representatives, we gain insight and vital information which assists our work here in Berlin greatly, for example with government funding, visa regulations, cultural and legal issues.Our agent in the UK and Ireland is OTSA, who we have been working with successfully for more than 20 years. OTSA is a specialist sales and marketing company for international trade shows, and represents a wide portfolio of our shows including IFA (consumer electronics), InnoTrans (transport), ITB (travel and tourism) and the ILA Berlin Air Show. For us, OTSA signifi cantly increased the space taken by UK companies at two of our most important shows held in 2011 - ITB Berlin and IFA. In the face of economic uncertainty, OTSA used more sophisticated and targeted sales methods to increase both the number of exhibitors and visitors participating. Our representatives, like OTSA, are the main contacts for all of our events and will assist companies in their territories. By utilising their knowledge about our shows and market, Messe Berlin will continue to invest in agents to sustain our position as a leading international organiser.We hope these measures will leave us well prepared for the full establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, which should be completed by 2015. TCEB has designed many supporting measures to serve this readiness. For our key buyers, we have two related campaigns. The 'A Hundred Ahead' initiative provides fi nancial support for group trade visitors, and aims to help organisers increase the number of international group trade visitors. It creates links for improved collaboration between local and overseas associations.Another campaign is 'Be My Guest', offering complimentary night stays to organisers to give to their key buyers. TCEB is a government agency dedicated to supporting, promoting and developing the MICE industry in Thailand. We do not act as an organiser, but instead offer our services as a supporter and facilitator. Our representatives overseas do not act as sales agents. They will act for TCEB in promoting Thailand as a marketplace for the ASEAN exhibition platform and to implement our marketing campaigns to increase the number of overseas delegates coming to exhibitions in Thailand, along with promoting exhibition calendars and highlighting fl agship shows in our country. These representatives also act as a one-stop consultant to help organise shows in Thailand.SUPAWAN TEERARATEXHIBITIONS DIRECTOR TCEBGARY CORIN MDSPECIALISED EXHIBITIONSMICHAEL HOFER DIRECTOR OF PRMESSE BERLIN