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ASSOCIATION WATCHIssue 2 | 2012 www.70exhibition-world.nethat prompted the redevelopment project at Darling Harbour?The 120,000sqm redevelopment at Darling Harbour in Sydney, New South Wales was a key election promise of the NSW State Government led by premier Barry O'Farrell. It responds to years of intense lobbying by the business events industry and current operator of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (SCEC) that the city had run out of space. The centre's calendar is solidly booked with many clients running events that are venue bound. Refl ecting the competitive nature of Sydney and Melbourne, the opening of the new six-star green rated Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre adds to pressure on the NSW Government to make the revitalisation of Darling Harbour a priority.The Government also has a major focus on injecting new life into the city and stimulating new investment on the western side of the harbour. Sydney's stunning harbour location and outstanding lifestyle has made it the envy of the world but over the past decade little new public infrastructure has been delivered. How is the EEAA involved in the redevelopment?EEAA is playing a leading role advocating the needs of our members, the major users of the Darling Harbour facilities. When the NSW Government unveiled its concepts for the site last July, it became apparent that there had been little consultation with users of the existing centre. We mobilised our members and began a very targeted advocacy campaign to infl uence the functional and design brief for the new centre and also to work with government on a business continuity strategy to mitigate the impacts of the proposed three-year construction phase.It has been a very targeted, high level campaign design to put as much knowledge and insight into the hands of decision makers both in Government as well as with the shortlisted consortia. To have been passive would have been utterly negligent. Our job at EEAA has been to use evidence and expertise to infl uence the outcome so that the new centre is fi t for purpose and allows for the growth of exhibitions.Are you seeking collaboration on Darling Harbour from overseas companies or associations?The EEAA campaign has been driven by a partnership with our board and the major users of the Darling Harbour existing centre. We have also worked with other Australian industry associations who have a stake in the project. This has helped to get our ducks lined up and has ensured our messages to the Government and the consortia have been consistent. In terms of other associations, we have built the case of the value of the exhibition sector by drawing on valuable data produced in Australia by the Circulation Audit Board and also by UFI and IAEE.As for the relevance of models in other countries - the shortlisted consortia will bring to the table expertise from other markets like Singapore and the Middle East. However, at the end of the day the redevelopment of Darling Harbour requires a solution that is uniquely Australian. SYDNEY'S DARLINGJOYCE DIMASCIO, GM OF THE EXHIBITION AND EVENT ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALASIA (EEAA), THROWS THE ROOF OFF DEVELOPMENT PLANS AT SYDNEY'S DARLING HARBOURJOYCE DIMASCIOGM, EEAA

WELCOME TO IMEX 2012FRESH. NEW. EXCITING. EVOLVINGThe essential worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events.Illuminating education - An unrivalled programme with around 100 seminars, workshops and campfire sessions - the most we've had, ever. We're introducing a new programme; The Visionary Event Series, showcasing events that have pushed the boundaries of the meetings industry. And we're also proud to present our Power of 10 Research Project - looking back at the last decade and considering the trends and developments set to influence the next 10 years.Effortless networking - With around 200 occasions for networking available, IMEX makes it easy for you to liaise with everyone in the meetings industry, enabling you to mix with suppliers, industry leaders, peers and colleagues from all across the world.The meetings industry is a constantly evolving landscape - one that is relentlessly shaped by new ideas, new trends and new technology. Over the past 10 years, IMEX has continually committed itself to being the ultimate centre point where all these exciting opportunities converge, and the one place that has everything to help you stay ahead: Great business - We're expecting over 3,500 exhibitors with 14,000 industry professionals to join us at IMEX this year. And you can be confident of the seniority of the suppliers and contacts you'll meet - these are the people who can get the deal done. THINK YOU KNOW IMEX? THINK AGAIN. COME TO FRANKFURT IN MAY FOR IMEX 2012.CALL: +44 (0)1273 227311 E-MAIL: INFO@IMEXEXHIBITIONS.COMIMEX-FRANKFURT.COMpre-register now