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page 84 Issue 2 | 201281UFI MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA OPEN SEMINARUFI's fi rst Sub-Saharan event displays growing interest in AfricaThe UFI Middle East and Africa Open Seminar, an event co-located with Manch Communications' Expo Summit Africa in March, highlighted organisers' growing interest in staging their events in Africa.The event, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in South Africa on 15-17 March, was moderated by CTICC CEO Rashid Toefy. It attracted 70 participants from 18 countries in four continents including China, the UK, the USA and Thailand.Sessions centred around the theme 'Reality, Potential, Access and Needs', and set out to address the industry's concern for infrastructure and the need to improve current exhibition facilities in many countries across the region."It has been an immense pleasure for me to host this UFI Seminar/Expo Summit here in Cape Town, and to be able to share with the international exhibition industry the potential of this massive market," said Toefy.

TRADE FAREIssue 2 | 2012 www.82exhibition-world.netTRADE FAREAN IRREVERENT LOOK AT THE LIGHTER SIDE OF THE EXHIBITION WORLDKEVIN MURPHY, CEO EXCEL LONDON, UKProudest achievement?Professionally - seeing Excel and its team fl ourish and develop.Privately - my children and now my two grandchildren.What would you do if not in this industry?Be a drummer in a rock band (badly).Fantasy exhibition?The Stella Artois Chester Thompson Music Masterclass (for one).What do you love about the industry?The people, their creativity and focus.What frustrates you about the industry?The other 95 per cent of the industry.If Excel was picked up by a tornado, where would you like to see it land?Necker Island.What famous sporting event would you like to have seen at Excel?England winning the 2003 Rugby World Cup.AMSTERDAM UP IN LIGHTSAMERICAN PARKING AS EASY AS PIEChecking mirrors, reversing and ensuring the glovebox is closed tends to be about as much parking etiquette as EW displays.So imagine our surprise when when we discovered the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) in Chicago on 18-21 March, an event dedicated to 'advancing research, education More muck to makeFive hundred plucky visitors attended this year's Effl uent Expo at the wonderfully named Mystery Creek in New Zealand in search of squeezing out more profi ts from their farms.The event, organised by Waikato Regional Council and sponsored by DairyNZ aims to help farmers increase profi ts while protecting the environment.Seminar session MC David Houlbrooke of AgResearch said he calculated the nutrient value of farm dairy effl uent to be NZ$1.80 (US$1.47) a cubic metre, meaning thousands of dollars of nutrients were available for spreading on farms for promoting pasture growth.It also means many in the effl uent industry are standing knee-deep in untapped revenue.The perfect commuter vehicleA £175,000 fl ying car with foldable wings, four wheels and indicators, was one of the highlights of the New York International Auto Show, but not a popular carpool choice.and professional development for today's parking professionals'.According to America's National Parking Association (NPA) president Christine Banning, this year's PIE featured 40 seminars and 100 regional and national exhibitors. On the show's fi rst day, NPA Parking Consultants Council chair Chuck Cullen presented a three-hour seminar 'Boot Camp-Parking 101', featuring advice on operations, auditing, personnel management and technology. That might have required another hour on the meter.To wrap up proceedings, Banning shared industry research on population trends and a comprehensive parking industry rate study. It must have been pretty compelling to keep the audience from falling asleep at the wheel.Amsterdam RAI won the Best International Venue award at this year's Exhibition News Awards, our UK stablemate's glitzy annual celebration of the exhibition industry, held on 29 March. 60 SECONDS WITH...