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Problem?Solution.Smart AV. Aim visual hireUNIT 6 SPIRE GREEN CENTRE | FLEX MEADOW | HARLOW | ESSEX CM19 5TR | +44 (0)845 078 0326 | WWW.SMART-AV.COMsort AV for exhibitor party. pick up dry cleaning.AVxhibitohibcleapsoexehpneed prices for the big LED screen. what about one of those seamless walls.?must arrange lighting for seminar rooms!!voting system for the main seminar.breakout rooms and workshops -sort projectors, PA and lighting!!kiosks for the web café? possible at such late notice?interactive floor plan for exhibitions - who's sorting?who's arranging the presentation slides?need proven audio visual contractor for exhibitors.suggestions?!!confirm public address for the event by end of the day. digital signage for the exhibition halllighting!!haven't seen the venue yet!!order the web registration equipment.anyone know where we can source office equipment for the orgainser's office?Smart Av0845 0780326hedignge ehfhelp!!!sigtheththe MD mentioned a stage?? what size and where from?/ need by friday!!!

Exhibition World | Korea27The Korean exhibition industry is expanding to helpit evolve into a transparent, standardised marketthat is both tailored to overseas organisers andcapable of hosting the largest shows.In the first half of 2010, exhibitions held betweenJanuary and March saw growth rates of around 10 percent compared to the previous year and previous events.However, these are figures that compare this year withthe particularly dismal 2009, and taking into account theconsiderable decline in the industry during the financialcrisis, the industry has now recovered to a level last seenin 2007.Among the country's largest exhibitions are the GreenEnergy Expo Korea, which had more than 1,000exhibitors according to UFI member, the Association ofKorean Exhibition Industries (AKEI), DAMEX (The DaeguInternational Automatic Machinery Exhibition) and Fireand Safety Expo Korea. New exhibitions are planned in anumber of sectors known for their prevalence and growthin Korea, such as green energy, design and textiles,machinery and education.However, while the market has the creativeness andpassion for exhibitions, it is still an early stage for theindustry. More internationalisation and collaborationwith advanced exhibition markets is needed toovercome the challenges setby neighbouring countries.The number of visitors toKorean exhibitions rosesharply in the first half of theyear, including an almost 10 per cent increase by May.Last year's record of 10 million visitors appears not tohave been a fluke but rather a part of an overallexpansion of the industry. The increase in the number ofparticipating companies was the most remarkable duringthe first half of this year, when it rose by nearly 15 percent in April compared to the previous year. It appears that strong confidence in economicrecovery has accelerated the participation of domesticcompanies in exhibitions. This is important because thenumber of companies taking part in exhibitions serves asa valuable barometer to the health of the entire economy. However, despite this strong trend toward recovery, itis unfortunate that the number of foreign participatingcompanies and visitors has not regained previous levels.Events in the second half of the year would do well tofocus on overseas marketing and promotions. And the economic forecast - the variable that mostaffects the exhibition industry - is positive for the secondhalf of the year. The Bank of Korea upgraded theKorea's big expansionThe futuristic expanded Kintex centre, according to artistsEWtakes an objective look at the expansion taking place in the Korean exhibitionindustry with local exhibition association, AKEI.Mr Jae-Hyo KimTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| September 2010|