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Exhibition World | Korea29expected rate of economic growth to between 4.6 percent and 5.2 per cent, and other indicators also show apositive outlook. The domestic exhibition industry isexpected to be affected by non-economic elementsduring the second half of the year. One of the elements is the G20 Summit Meetingplanned to be held in Korea this November. While theevent is expected to enhance overall national prestigeand global profile and serve as the best opportunity topromote the nation since the 2002 FIFA World CupKorea-Japan, it also pushed back schedules forexhibitions and led to the reduction in size and scale ofsome events, creating a short-term hindrance to theexpansion of the industry. However, as numerous influential foreign leaders areexpected to visit Seoul for the event, exhibitioncompanies in both Seoul and the regional provincesshould focus on active marketing before, during andafter the event. There are many events this year such as the World Cupin South Africa and the G20 Meeting that will confirm justhow strong Korea's willingness to forge forward really is.The exhibitions held in the first half of the year clearlyshowed the nation's strong potential. The second half ofthe year is expected to bring the powerful surge forwardthat will kick-start Korea's growthThere is a great deal of expansion and renovationunderway at Korea's three major exhibition venues.Seoul's Kintex, Daegu's Exco, and Busan's Bexco are allundergoing expansion projects hoped to provide greaterinternational opportunity for Korea's exhibition industry,and introduce increased economic impact.KintexKorea's largest exhibition centre, Kintex, hosts majornational events including the Seoul Motor Show, theKorea Electronics Show, the Korea Machinery Fair, SeoulFood and Hotel and the Kyunghyang Housing Fair. Thevenue is currently undergoing an expansion project thatwill add a second exhibition facility in the Daehwa-dongarea of Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.It welcomes more than 3.6 million visitors a year, butneeds additional exhibition space in order to grow into atruly global exhibition facility. The second exhibitioncentre will increase the venue's total exhibition space to108,000sqm on a complex covering 424,000sqm,making it the fourth largest exhibition facility in Asia andthe 35th largest in the world. The expansion will enableKintex to accommodate such major internationalexhibitions as ITU Telecom World and the InternationalTextile Machinery Exhibition. A total of 359bn won(US$300m) has been allotted for the new venue,including 343bn won in construction costs. Kintex will also add shopping areas and businesscentres in addition to current exhibition support facilities.A moving walkway and hotel will enhance the experienceof visitors to the exhibition center. The 270,000sqmsurrounding area will become home to two commercialcomplexes, a Chinatown and an aquarium.Kintex CEO Mr Jun-Woo Han says that Seoul will befirst to benefit from the expansion. "The second venuewill not only enable Kintex to become a truly globalexhibition center but create massive economic benefitsas well," he says.Approximately nine billion won of the total constructionbudget of 359bn won will be dedicated to high-tech newand renewable energy facilities.ExcoAlso in Seoul, Daegu's Exco is undergoing expansion,expected to last three years and complete in May 2011,reopening in August 2011 in time for the IAAF WorldAthletics Championships.The expansion will boast total exhibition space of22,716sqm and convention and meeting space of11,800sqm, enabling Exco to host major internationalexhibitions, three simultaneous medium or largeexhibitions, or two major international conferences.Once the expansion project is completed in May 2011,the main exhibition hall on the first floor will provide15,000sqm that can fit 800 booths. The third- and fifth-floor exhibition halls will boost the total booth capacity to1,200, allowing the expansion of existing exhibitions toglobal standards, as well as the hosting of majorinternational exhibitions from abroad that require over20,000sqm in exhibition space.The expansion will allow several of Exco's currentexhibitions, including Fire and Safety Expo Korea, KoreaGreen Energy Expo and several textile and eyewearshows, to be developed as 1,000 booth-plus Big Fiveexhibitions. The expansion will also increase the global'The G20 Summit Meeting willenhance national prestige, but it alsopushed back schedules for exhibitionsand led to downsizing of events.'An artist's impression of the expanded Exco centreTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| September 2010|