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M&A| Exhibition WorldOnce again, UBM is leading the way inacquisition activity announcing two deals thismonth. It has acquired the InternationalChildren-Baby-Maternity Products Expo in Shanghai,China, together with two smaller business-to-consumerchild and baby products fairs in Guangzhou andBeijing and Fashion Baby, one of China's leadingconsumer titles serving mothers and pregnant women.This is a brand new sector for UBM but China remainsits fastest growing market and the combination of tradeshow, consumer show and magazine gives them aninstant leading position in the sector.The acquisition looks like smart timing for UBM as it'smore than 30 years since China formalised its one-child policy and the population control programme,which no longer applies to most Chinese, looks like itwill be abolished over the coming years.UBM also acquired UK-based The RouteDevelopment Group, organisers of a global series ofaviation route development and network planningevents. The main event is The World RouteDevelopment Forum, which last took place in Beijingwith almost 3,000 participants drawn from airlines,airports, suppliers and industry observers. There arealso a number of smaller regional events in theAmericas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and CISregions. A number of the major organisers recentlyannounced their first six months results. UBMconfirmed that they are currently by far the mostInternational dealmakersSteve Monnington, managing director of Mayfield Media Strategies, looks at international acquisitions taking place around the globe and finds United BusinessMedia is making all the right moves.34| September 2010| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETacquisitive organiser at the moment with 12businesses acquired (compared to none at all in thefirst half of 2009). However the total amount investedwas just US$66.9m, of which just $35m was paid upfront, with the balance as potential deferredconsideration. UBM's print business saw revenue decline by nearly14 per cent from the same period last year but all otherdivisions increased its top line to maintain total revenuein line with last year. Revenue from exhibitions was up1.5 per cent and like last year was led by strong growthin Asia.Reed Exhibitions announced revenue growth of nineper cent to US$589m in the six months to June 30,although it benefitted from a positive biennial cycle.Space bookings for 2010 remains lower than inprevious years and revenue for annual shows isexpected to decline. Adjusted operating profitincluding amortisation and acquisition costs fell from$1.2bn to $1.16bn, beating forecasts of $1.09bn.Informa announced overall revenues up 1.4 per centover 2009 with an increase in publishing but a declinein events, primarily the smaller ones. Profit before taxdoubled to $102m "despite uneven economic recoveryin terms of region and vertical sectors", according tochief executive Peter Rigby.These results generally show that although recoveryis slow and patchy, performance is in marked contrastto last year when Informa announced a year-on-yearrevenue decline of 27 per cent and Reed, 21 per cent.

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