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Thefirst thing that struck me about the Mexicanexhibition industry when I attended the recentAmprofec conference is its openness to new ideasand eagerness to learn from more developed markets.The annual event, held this year in Riviera Nayarit, is theget together for the Association Mexicana deProfessionales De Ferias, Exposiciones y Convenciones, afive-day event emphasising networking and education. The first day of the conference was entirely dedicated toeducation, with delegates attending classroom sessionsworking towards Conference and Event Management(CEM) qualifications. Even the most senior levelparticipants attended these sessions and to-date 74 CEMshave qualified, with 28 more expected to qualify this year.The other sessions in the conference were also educationalin their nature, ranging from how to set-up an internationalsales force, how to use technology in event organisingthrough to personal development topics such as how to bemore efficient and building supplier relations. It was evidentfrom the amount of note-taking that the attendees weresoaking up new information.The president of Amprofec, Rafael Hernandez Gomez,explained: "one of my aims since becoming president ofthe Association earlier this year has been to strengthen theMexican exhibition industry's connections with the globalindustry - this is the first time we have invited internationalspeakers to participate in our event."In past meetings, we had international speakers andinternational delegates, but this year was the most qualifiedand with more focus to the show managers' educationalprogramme." This was also the year new countriesincluding the UK, Colombia and Puerto Rico, took part."Not only is Amprofec ready for the international market,but Mexico is ready and has the convention centres,suppliers and everything you might need for any kind oftradeshow or event. That's why Amprofec is making effortsto speak and promote Mexico for international events."Once I had come to terms with the Mexican's enthusiasmfor knowledge, I then had to come to terms with their laidback approach to scheduling and how well equipped theirsociable nature (aided by a margarita or two) lends them tonetworking. The formal two-day conference programmewas punctuated by regular 'cocktail' sessions which fittedloosely around meal times. Very little other information wasgiven so we'd find ourselves leaving the conference theatreto jump on a bus, join a walking convoy or even board a boatnot knowing where we were going or for how long. It wasn'tthe slightest bit disorganised - just very relaxed - and gaveample opportunities to meet people and share ideas. The Mexicans are very proud of their country and want todo everything possible to show it off and promote it as adestination for international business events; each of ourexcursions was sponsored by a hotel or tourism region andthe standard of hospitality was exceptional.Exhibitions in Mexico are still predominantly domestic.There are lots of small independent organisers and showsare spread throughout the country sometimes as a seriesof regional events, and sometimes as national shows thatare held in the area where that particular industry is based. We attended to speak about M&A activity as we knowthere is a lot of international interest in acquiring shows inLatin America. This was a very new concept for Mexico asto-date only one domestic organiser has sold its businessto an international company. Overall, many of the organisers we met were veryinterested in the conceptof working with aninternational partner.Country profile| Exhibition World24| October 2010| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETReady and waiting: Mexico is keen to position itself as a contender for international exhibitions businessMexico: a freshapproach to exhibitionsMayfield Media's Anna Johnreports from the annual Amprofec conference inMexico's Riviera Nayarit.Rafael Hernandez Gomez