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Exhibition World | Newsrecord of "identifying, completingand integrating value-enhancingacquisitions" over the past fiveyears. "Canon gives us acomplementary portfolio ofmarket-leading brandedtradeshows and related productswhich serve highly attractivegrowth markets experiencingglobalisation," he said.Canon also produces thebroad-based Pacific andAtlantic Design andManufacturing shows, whichco-locate with MD&M East andWest, OEM New England, andElectronics West.WORLD- United BusinessMedia (UBM) has acquiredmedical and manufacturingtradeshow and media companyCanon Communications fromSpectrum Equity Investors andApprise Media for US$287m.The deal positions UBM as oneof the leading internationalproviders of trade shows andrelated media for the growingmedical device design andmanufacturing market andadvanced manufacturingsectors. Canon's trade shows andconferences include MedicalDesign and Manufacturing(MD&M) East, West, andMinneapolis. MD&M East (NewYork) and West (California) areamong the world's largest tradeevents for companies seekingmedical products and services.UBM CEO David Levin said theacquisition builds on its trackOMAN - The delayedconstruction of an internationalconvention and exhibition centrenear Muscat International Airportis gathering momentum with theAl Alawazi InternationalCompany winning the bid for thefirst round of site preparation andenabling works.One of 16 construction firms tobid, Al Alawazi won with a bidamount of OMR2.45m (US$6.4m),followed by Desert Line Projectsand Ali and Company Tradingand Contracting with OMR2.88mand OMR2.9m bid pricesrespectively, according to TheTimes of Oman.The centre will have 30,000sqmof exhibition space, a conferencehall with a capacity of 5,500-6,000 seats, a sports centre,hotels in five-, four- and three-starcategories, 20 meeting roomsand a business park coveringapproximately 70,000sqm.UK- Exhibition industryveteran Roger Shashoua haslaunched a new investmentinitiative to help UK andEuropean organisers expandtheir brands into emergingmarkets.Shashoua's investmentvehicle, Expofund, will focuson partnering with and fundingestablished brands to enterfour main countries: Brazil,Russia, India and China(BRIC). It will providelicensing, trademarkregistration, financial and localmarket expertise services inBRIC countries in return for astake in the UK or Europeancompany's emerging marketsinvestment.Shashoua claimed therecession left many exhibitionorganisers risk averse andstruggling to find the financialmeans to head overseas.The latest initiativerepresents the second iterationof Shashoua's Expofundmodel, which launched in2009 to provide funding todistressed companies andclosed earlier this year.Shashoua said his initialinvestment target for the latestExpofund was 50-75 brands.POLAND- Haymarket haspulled out of its Polish jointventure with MontgomeryExhibitions, MontgomeryPolska.The two UK-based companiesformed the partnership toproduce the Polish Cerealstrade fair (Polskie Zboza).Chairman of MontgomeryExhibitions, Christopher Newton,confirmed Montgomery willremain in Poland and that theannual event will continue to rununchanged, with its next editiontaking place on 17 and 18 June2011."Haymarket decided not tocontinue with our partnership,and as a result we haveconcluded a new joint venturedeal with Poznan InternationalFair," said Newton. "TheHaymarket pullsout of Polish JVwith Montgomeryexhibition will go ahead eachyear as it has before. We arealready working on crop plotsfor next year's June event."Haymarket will continue to runthe UK edition of the Cerealsexhibition, which it acquired in2007.16 firms bid for Omanexpo centre contractTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| October 2010|5Shashoua delivers new exhibition investment venturesChristopher NewtonUBM buys CanonCommunicationsfor US$287m