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The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 8 | 2011Reaching the peakReed's Mike Rusbridge on his ascent to the top of the world's largest organiser

Rittal Catalogue 33835IndexModular climate control concept430, 431Modular enclosures CS208, 209Modular enclosures SV-TS 886 - 88Modular front design589Modular Safe505Modular Safe Extend506Module plates 573-for TE 565Modules ISV362 - 364, 367, 368Monitor frame597Monitor switches781, 782Monitor, flat796Monitor/keyboard unit, 1 U780Monitoring767Monitoring system CMC III768Motion detector773Mounting-Wall mounting bracket629Mounting angles-Additional fastening attachment745-C rails653, 655, 657-for CS Basic 743-for CS modular 743-for CS Toptec739-for DK-EL743-for FlatBox744-for QuickBox744-for RiCase261-for TS739-for VerticalBox744-Installation kits743, 745 - 747-Metric739Mounting block for AE664Mounting blocks231Mounting bracket 658, 660-FM universal mounting bracket 765-for CP 658-for functional space divider 347-for Ri4Power 344Mounting clip-for plastic covers 245-for support rails 655Mounting components-for signal pillar812 - 814Mounting frame-482.6 mm (19?)740-for TS747Mounting kit-for air circuit-breaker installation347-for cable trays726-for Comfort Panel795-for Optipanel795-for VerticalBox 757-Magnet681-TS, width-/depth-variable745Mounting kit for subracks-Horizontal232-Vertical231Mounting kit PSM-for busbar386Mounting kit, 2 U747Mounting kit, coupling set351Mounting panel 482.6 mm (19?)756Mounting plates 631, 657, 658-Adjustment bracket for KS 634-Attachment 632, 633-Attachment for CM 635-Cross-brace for TS, ES 635-for cast aluminium enclosures GA 33-for CS Basic 639-for CS modular 639-for CS Toptec 639-for KL and KL-HD 631-for polycarbonate enclosures 31-for Ri4Power Form 1-4 350-for TS 639-Infill for TS 631-Modules ISV 362-Slide block for CM 634-Slide rail for TS 634-Small 638-Transport handles for TS, ES 635Mounting rails-for RiCase 262Mounting unit-1 U 776-for enclosure frame 775Mouse holder805Mousepad-for keyboard rack801-Support800, 804, 805Multiple lock611Multi-seal inserts710Multi-tooth screws666, 757NNEMA 4X, NEMA 4-Enclosures TS 80-Wall-mounted cooling units 424Network cable786Network distribution enclosures100 - 111Network enclosures-Based on Rittal TE 7000107 - 109-Based on Rittal TS 8102 - 106New Basic enclosures CS205, 206NH bus-mounting fuse-switch disconnectors298 - 305NH disconnectors-Size 1 - 3324NH fuse-switch disconnectors-Modules ISV364-Size 00298, 299-Size 000271, 296, 297-Size 1300, 301-Size 2302, 303-Size 3304, 305NH slimline fuse-switch disconnectors-Modules ISV367-Size 00306-Size 1 - 3307Noise protection kit for TS574Nuts665-for TS section659Nylon loop720Nylon loop cable holder721OOM adaptors283 - 286OM support286One-piece consoles-AP, stainless steel192-TP, sheet steel128Operating housing-With handle strips144Operating panel598Optical components-for signal pillars, modular810Optipanel140, 141Outdoor climate control508Outdoor enclosures203 - 209Outlet filter485Overflow valve486Overvoltage protection PSM386PPair of mounting angles, second748Panel730-with solid tray760Paper removal flap805Parallel hot swap chassis UPS379Partial doors-for SV-TS592-for TS590Partial mounting plates-for CS Basic 637-for CS modular637-for CS Toptec636-for ES637-for TS636-for TS-SV350-Locatable638Partition572Patch cable, Cat 5786Patch panels69, 759 - 761, 763PC enclosure systems130, 131-Stainless steel193PCB ejector/retainer238PCB holder-for box type plug-in units246PCB holder kit245PE busbar691PE/PEN combination angle694Pedestal, complete170Pedestal, modular169Perforated mounting strip-for AE stainless steel615-for AP universal console615-for partial doors593Perforated plate-Base/plinth trim, modular549Pillar172-Small171PinBlock320PinBlock Plus321Pivot CP-L167Plastic-Base/plinth540, 541-Cable gland plates704-Enclosures KS52, 53-Ex enclosures199-Gland plates705-Handles608Plastic covers for PCBs245Plate-for base mounting546Plate clamps316PLS busbar systems278, 279PLS busbars-for T-connector sets352Plug-in PSM modules for busbar383PMC 12 relay card378PMC UPS accessories378 - 381Pole clamp629Polyamide reducers-for cable glands710Polycarbonate enclosures PK28 - 31Potential equalisation rail692Potential equalisation star690Power circuit-breaker modules ISV364Power Control for SSC786Power Control Unit700Power Distribution Rack/Module382Power engineering software523Power pack-24 V (DC) 484-CMC III 774-for PU II/Basic CMC/FCS 774-for SSC 786-for TFT monitor 796Power System Module383 - 386Premium Panel188Pressure relief stoppers566Primer/paint570-Contact paint688Prism terminal323Processing Unit Compact, CMC III772Processing Unit, CMC III772Programming cable774Protective bar-for TS587PSM busbar383, 384PSM socket modules383 - 385Pull-out frame, 482.6 mm (19?)737Punched rails-17 x 17 mm, TS 656-18 x 38 mm, TS 650WANTEDHave you ever dreamed of building your own exhibition? Are you always keen to follow the hottest trend? Lyon Tourism and Conventions bureau and its partners can help turn your dreams into your very own business. Let us make your exhibition a success story.Development Support| Partner ResearchFinancial Support | Event VenueFor more information visit www.expobooster.orgTOURISM AND CONVENTIONSLOONEY, VISIONARY PROJECT BUILDERS OBSESSED WITH WILD DREAMS OF BUILDING AN EXHIBITION