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COUNTRY Issue 8 | 201151FIRA DE BARCELONASIZE: 315,000sqmLOCATION: BarcelonaCONTACT: President - Josep Luis Bonet+34 902 233 200Avenida Reina Maria CristinaVENUE INFORMATION:Fira de Barcelona, which was offi cially founded in 1932, is of major strategic importance for the Catalan and Spanish economy as a platform for commercial promotion and international exposure of companies. It provides one of Spain's largest meeting and exchange halls for a range of different economic and social sectors. The venue is divided into two exhibition centres: Montjuïc (165,000sqm) and Gran Via (240,000sqm).FERIA DE MADRID (IFEMA)SIZE: 200,000sqmLOCATION: MadridCONTACT: CEO - Luis Eduardo Cortes+34 91 722 58 26Avenida del PartenónVENUE INFORMATION:IFEMA is the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, tasked with projecting the international image of the city. Feria de Madrid offers 12 halls and three convention and congress centres. Among the facilities at Feria de Madrid are a Business Centre, a Press Club, 14,000 parking spaces, fi nancial and service organisations and almost a hundred meeting rooms, at which IFEMA provides its exhibitors and visitors with all the equipment, services and spaces they need to optimise business.BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRESIZE: 150,000sqmLOCATION: BilbaoCONTACT: CEO - Jose Miguel Corres+34 94 40 40 000Barakaldo, BizkaiaVENUE INFORMATION:With its open plan layout and maximum clearance of 18m, space at the BEC is distributed between six pillarless halls. The 18,000sqm congress centre is designed for conventions, seminars, presentations, celebrations and gala dinners. The complex is supplemented by other facilities such as the Bizkaia Arena, a multi-purpose arena that can be turned into a theatre seating over 10,000, a sports hall seating 18,000, a cinema for 13,000 and concert hall.FERIA VALENCIASIZE: 230,000sqmLOCATION: ValenciaCONTACT: President - Alberto Catala+34 902 747 330 Avenida de las FeriasVENUE INFORMATION:Feria Valencia is one of the largest trade fair venues with eight multi-purpose halls, meeting rooms, conference rooms and 68,000sqm for parking. Feria Valencia is just fi ve kilometres to the northeast of the city centre of Valencia and fi ve minutes from the city's international airport (in Manises). It is also served by regular bus, tram and underground lines which connect the fairground with the city. The venue also organises its own conventions and congresses."Germany doesn't care about Spain's debt," says Argandoña. "Their politicians aren't interested so long as we remain able to repay what we owe. We still have no help from anyone and if we do, it will be only to ensure that we can keep making repayments to our creditors. We can only help ourselves. And it's the involvement of foreign industry and export business that can help us."This is where, for both Spanish trade and the exhibition and trade fair industry, the story takes a lighter turn. Our industry is built around facilitating foreign investment and export. Argandoña's reference to Spain's need to take full responsibility for dragging itself out of the red is pertinent. With its ongoing economic diffi culties, wealth of beautiful cities and modern facilities, the exhibition industry is hugely important to Spain. Exhibitions are crucial tools in fomenting and beckoning foreign investment and fuelling the export market. In light of domestic reluctance to spend, perhaps the launch of innovative now shows such as Smart City (see column, page 48), which will bring a new breed of investor to Spain, and the launch of overseas exhibitions such as Fira de Barcelona's Construmat and Hostelco, will pave the way for wholescale industry growth.The aggressive promotion of Spain's leading exhibitions such as food and beverage (F&B) event Alimentaria (a joint venture with Reed Exhibitions) will also do much to help. The F&B industry accounts for 15 per cent of Spain's GDP and 17 per cent of employment, so fl ying that fl ag, and those of Spain's other major industries, could have a far-reaching effect for Spain's economy. Spain's top 5 exhibitions according to the AOF 1 Alimentaria, Barcelona (Food and beverage)2 BieMH, Bilbao(Machine tools)3 Fitur, Madrid(Travel and tourism)4 Habitat, Valencia(Furniture and interiors)5 Smopyc, Zaragoza(Construction)

COUNTRY PROFILEIssue 8 | 2011 www.52exhibition-world.netINFORMATION FOR VISITORSMADRIDFeria de Madrid: +34 (0) 917 223 000Madrid Barajas Airport: 13km northeast of MadridPhone: +34 (0) 913 936 000Taxi telephone numbers:Radio Taxi Associated Gremial: 91 447 51 80Radio Taxi Independent: 91 405 12 13Euro Taxi: 91 547 82 00BARCELONAFira de Barcelona: +34 (0) 902 233 200Barcelona Airport: 12km southwest of BarcelonaPhone: +34 (0) 932 983 838Taxi telephone numbers:Taxi Jove: 935 184 628Taxis Barcelona: 644 244 204Taxi-Barcelona-Airport: 931 140 561VALENCIAFeria Valencia: +34 (0) 902 747 330Valencia airport: 8km west of ValenciaPhone: +34 (0) 961 598 500Taxi telephone numbers:Radio Taxi: 96 370 33 33Valencia Taxi: 96 374 02 02BILBAOBilbao Exhibition Centre:+34 (0) 94 40 40 000Bilbao Airport: 12km north of BilbaoPhone: +34 (0) 902 404 704Taxi telephone numbers:Radio taxi Bilbao: 944 448 888Taxi Bilbao: 610 231 313The Spanish like to be ackowledged personally. A warm greeting and eye contact goes a long way, regardless of whether you are greeting a CEO for the fi rst time, or the guy you're about to order a drink from. 'Hola, buenos días', 'Cómo estás?' or 'Qué hay?' will instantly land you on a stranger's right side. Give them time to ask you what you want.Tipping, already common in bars and restaurants, is an increasingly frequent practice among hotel porters, ushers and taxi drivers; though not obligatory.With such as high number of tourists visiting Spain, pickpockets are common. Keep an eye on your stuff on subways, stores, bars and cafes. If you're watching a performer on Las Ramblas in Barcelona for example, keep your bag in plain sight.Finally, dress modestly for cathedrals.The personal touchSPAIN DO'S AND DON'TS17% The percentage of jobs in Spain occupied by people working in the F&B industry. The sector contributes 15% to Spain's GDP, according to IESE business schoolKEY FACTS CAPITAL Madrid is the capital and at 3.3 million inhabitants the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin CURRENCY As a member of the Eurozone, Spain uses the Euro. Unfortunately this means there is very little wiggle room for it to straighten out its own fi nances POLITICS The reigning monarch Juan Carlos 1 is the head of state. President of the government in a multi-party system is José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party ECONOMICS Bit of a sore point today, but prior to its current fi nancial hardship Spain's economy was noted for its dynamism. The fi fth largest in Europe and the 12th largest in the world. Watch carefully LANGUAGEOffi cially Spanish. Regional languages include Catalan Galician and Basque  RELIGION With just shy of three quarters of the Spanish proclaiming themselves to be Roman Catholic, that is by far the most popular form of Christianity in Spain. According to Eurobarometer, the majority of Spanish citizens believe in God NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION VENUESThere are more than 80 trade show venues in Spain of varying quality. The best known are in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Valencia and Seville AVERAGE PRICE OF A BURGERA Big Mac in Barcelona will set you back around ?3.40 AVERAGE PRICE OF A BEERExpect to pay around ?2.50-?3.00 for a beer in the city BUSINESS HOURS Don't be caught out by the siesta. Most of Spain takes time out when the sun is highest in the sky, which means both offi ces and evenings run late