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POST BOXIssue 8 | 2011 www.96exhibition-world.netPOST BOXFEEDBACK ON THE NEW-LOOK EW, QR CODES AND CHICAGOLINKEDIN: HOW DO YOU RATE QR CODES? We used QR codes on several shows with success. The statistics show we had a fair response from QR code links, used to download the conference's show smartphone app. The good thing is that the technology is free and the cost is minimal to add them to signage/marketing materials. We will continue to use them but I think there is more future in the use of next-generation Near Field Communications (NFC), especially when the new smartphones arrive.Thomas Landen, Gielssen Interiors and Exhibitions (Netherlands)We used QR codes on our exhibitor prospectus to offer a free logo with a listing. No one took advantage of it. We even offered a discount to our show with the QR code on the brochure sent to potential attendees. Still no takers. Even though we now see them everywhere, the general public doesn't know what they are as they've never really seen a good explanation of how to use them. But it is still a great way to get a big message across in a small symbol.Tracie Garrett, 21st Century Building Expo and Conference (US)I'm responding to the article on the National Restaurant Association (NRA) being forced to consider rescheduling after US president Barack Obama announced the G8 and NATO summits will take place during its 2012 Chicago event (EW website, 1 August 2011).President Obama's choice to pick Chicago as the site for the NATO-G8 summits in May 2012 was shortsighted on projecting the after-effect of previously scheduled trade shows - in particular, the Restaurant show. In light of the world issues at hand, trade shows are not on the radar as being of particular importance. They only serve to boost the local and national economy and create jobs, but critical trumps important here. The Restaurant show was not forced to change dates but did so with assistance from the Chicago CVB and a $2m incentive. This was done to avoid a miserable experience for Restaurant attendees. The NRA in fact considered moving out of Chicago in 2009 due to union and cost diffi culties but decided to remain as Chicago labour rules became more user-friendly. OBAMA'S EFFECT ON CHICAGOREADERS ON THE NEW EWI have received a copy of your August issue in which an article on Reed Exhibitions Japan is published. It is great! I especially like the headline 'To Hell And Back'. I have shown the article to people in the exhibition industry, Government offi cials and so on, and found it to be a very good tool to promote our activities. Thank you very much again for the opportunity, your hard work and considerations.Yoshi TanakaPR director, Reed Exhibitions Japan I wanted to congratulate you on the new Exhibition World. It looks great. A good quality publication from the front cover onwards will always encourage you to open and read on, and I have rarely read the publication before. Inside I found loads These overlapping events could surely have shared the space in Chicago but the impact on security issues, transportation and hotel space would have compromised the experience for NRA attendees. The world will be watching Chicago during the three-day NATO Summit. NRA's decision to move its dates was a good choice for the sake of attendees. This change however then created problems for other trade shows who will be affected by date changes including The Kitchen and Bath show (60,000 attendees) and Sweets and Snacks Expo (14,000 attendees). Both shows are not happy with the changes but are at least willing to talk. The problems the NATO meeting is creating will add to the perception that Chicago is a tough and expensive city for trade shows. Steps have been taken to change this and as a proud Chicagoean, I hope this road bump will not cause further problems for trade shows in our city.Larry KulchawikSenior VP, 3D Exhibitsof interesting features and will certainly be reading it in the future. If you want to do a feature on an airshow in Dubai let me know!Alison WellerMD, F&E AerospaceWow, congratulations on your redesign of Exhibition World! I just scanned the electronic version and at fi rst glance it looks like an incredible issue - I look forward to receiving my hard copy to read at my leisure. And thank you for the comprehensive coverage of ECEF Pulse and ECEF. Sam LippmanProducer, Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF), Large Show and Attendee Acquisition RoundtablesThe new EW looks great and as always it's a good read. Congratulations!Michelle Roberts, corporate communicationsDiversifi ed Business CommunicationsThe magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 7 | 2011Russia's expo pop tsarBuilding bridges and laying down licks, EW gets up close to Sergey AlexeevExhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 7 | 2011

The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 7 | 2011Exhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 7 | 2011Exhibition WorldSUBSCRIBE TODAYSign up at: The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 8 | 2011Reaching the peakReed's Mike Rusbridge on his ascent to the top of the world's largest organiserExhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 8 | 2011Exhibition World is the dedicated magazine for the global exhibition community and the only print publication offi cially endorsed by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition IndustryFEATURING:. In-depth personality profi les: Revealing the people behind the business. Comprehensive destination profi les: The countries and cities hosting the world's leading events. Research and analysis: Helping you to make the decisions that progress your businessTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITYCALL US ON 020 8971 8282