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The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 7 | 2011Exhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 7 | 2011Exhibition WorldSUBSCRIBE TODAYSign up at: The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 8 | 2011Reaching the peakReed's Mike Rusbridge on his ascent to the top of the world's largest organiserExhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 8 | 2011Exhibition World is the dedicated magazine for the global exhibition community and the only print publication offi cially endorsed by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition IndustryFEATURING:. In-depth personality profi les: Revealing the people behind the business. Comprehensive destination profi les: The countries and cities hosting the world's leading events. Research and analysis: Helping you to make the decisions that progress your businessTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITYCALL US ON 020 8971 8282

TRADE FAREIssue 8 | 2011 www.98exhibition-world.netTRADE FAREAN IRREVERENT LOOK AT THE LIGHTER SIDE OF THE EXHIBITION WORLDCLIFF WALLACE HKCEC, HONG KONGProudest achievement?Nurturing and inspiring others to excel, develop a passion for and lead within our great industry.If you could manage a venue anywhere? Beijing or Mumbai would be an exciting venture.What would you do if not in this industry? After 52 years in the industry, I'm confi dent that I was predestined to be exactly where I am! Fantasy exhibition? Extreme innovation in digital photography.What frustrates you about the industry?Inappropriate government intervention and ignorance of our industry's signifi cance.If HKCEC broke free and fl oated away from the mainland, where should it end up? I am proud that Hong Kong and the HKCEC are positioned uniquely to work as an international, pan-Asian, regional, local or Chinese market and venue. I hope we will always be "unique" in this way.The Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair took place in New Mexico in August and is well worth pointing out for its eccentricity. Speakers included Lynn Canterbury on lighting a fi re from scratch (literally) and Smitty, who discussed knives and knife-making. The website stated: "Way back when, folks defi ned an economic crisis not by debt ceilings, hedge funds and fi scal neutrality, MOUNTAIN MAN DELIVERSWIENERS DRAWN IN FOIE GRAS FOLLY Franco-German relations in the Rhineland have hit their lowest ebb in years thanks to an almighty row over the banning of foie gras at a food fair in Cologne. Well, almost.The controversial French delicacy was banned from following food experts through the doors of the Anuga trade show in October due to a German ban on producing foie gras, Clinton talks tablesBill Clinton visited Sin City to address the interior and furniture trade show in August. The former US president took time out from his political group the Clinton Global Initiative for an appearance behind a Las Vegas lectern, swapping poverty and human rights for Chesterfi elds and pouffes. He must have used a footstool because that's quite a climb down for the former leader of the free world.Expo offers fans uncomfortable standHundreds of teens camped out for a chance encounter with a pornstar in Hong Kong for the annual comic fair. Maria Ozawa was offering hugs to the fi rst 40 fans to enter the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Her attendance helped contribute to record crowds at the fi ve-day event. EW imagines that while the teens may have broken sprint records on the way in, it would have been a slow, blushing walk back over to the stands afterwards.which requires the force-feeding of ducks or geese to fatten their livers.French Government offi cials say the decision ignores the delicacy's legal production in France. "It's as if we prohibited wiener sausages in France!" seething French senator Alain Fauconnier told the Rheinische Post newspaper.His venting spleen was followed by Pierre Lellouche, France's minister for foreign trade, who told Germany's ambassador to France to exert "maximum pressure" on conference organisers to rescind their decision.The infuriated French Minister of Food and Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, went further still, threatening to skip a planned appearance at the event and demanding the ban be overturned, a call resulting in much hissing and honking from the show's organisers.but by a lack of beaver pelts." Fair enough. The event's co-founders Tom Chávez and Jeff Hengesbaugh rode into Santa Fe from Arizona on horseback clad in buckskin in 1986. "The cowboy chases cows, the soldier fi ghts battles. But the mountain man - he's a metaphor for adventure," Hengesbaugh told the Santa Fe New Mexican. Well, that and banjoes.