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M&A| Exhibition World12| Nov/Dec 2010| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETWe kick off this issue with my favourite subject -Turkey. A few months ago UBM madepreliminary steps into the Turkish marketsigning a highly strategic sales and marketing agreementwith Rotaforte, organiser of the marketing leading IstanbulJewellery shows. Now it has formalised the arrangementwith the acquisition of 65 per cent of the business. It's agreat partnership for Rotaforte, strengthening its positionin the region. It recently defeated a competitive launchand signed an exclusive support agreement with the mainjewellery association.The deal, which will become unconditional once TurkishCompetition Board approval has been received, willfurther enhance UBM's position as the worldwide marketleading organiser for the jewellery sector. Turkey appearsto be one of the new priority markets for UBM so we shouldexpect to see more acquisition activity in Turkey in thecoming months as it seeks to consolidate its position.Easyfairs has been busy. First it acquired the Belgianbusiness-to-business exhibition organiser, Fairtec,organiser of industrial technology shows in sectors suchas measurement and control instrumentation, pumps andvalves, subcontracting, welding, safety and security.Fairtec's "one-day fair" formula, is bang in line withEasyfairs' core strategy of providing value for moneyshows. It also opportunistically picked up the assets ofBusiness North West and Business Midlands in the UKfrom the liquidator of Nationwide Publishing Ltd whichhad ceased trading after running into financialdifficulties. Horizontal events are usually the first victimsof a recession as exhibitors cut marketing budgets so itwill be interesting to see how Easyfairs re-packagesthese shows. If it can use its low-cost formula to make exhibitinga no-brainer for the exhibitorsthen this could prove to be asmart low-cost acquisition.Meanwhile in the USA,WebMediaBrands, run by AlanMeckler of Mecklermedia famewhich organises the Social Gaming Summits and theFreemium Summits (how to market the combination offree and premium paid for content) has acquired theSemantic Technology Conference and blog from Wilshire Conferences.SemTech is the largest conference in the worlddedicated to the rapidly growing topic of the SemanticWeb and Linked Data. Finally there was a conclusion to the saga of the UKProfessional Beauty Show acquired by Emap from M2Media's Mark Maloney for US $30m less than four yearsago. The original deal included six beauty exhibitions inthe UK, including the flagship Professional Beauty Showand a number of related magazines. Maloney recentlylaunched Total Beauty, a competitive event toProfessional Beauty and one that split the market andmore or less caused the demise of the brand that Emaphad paid so much money for. The end result is that Emapsold the original business back to Maloney for an amount"substantially less than the original US $30m". This is a tricky subject as it is perfectly legal for a seller towait for the expiration of the non-compete period and thenlaunch against the shows they sold. Fortunately this sort ofthing doesn't happen too often but, whatever the rights andwrongs, it is damaging to the overall concept of M&A.Steve MonningtonInternational dealmakersSteve Monnington, MD of Mayfield Media Strategies, looks at thelatest exhibition deals to land on the global table.