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MARINA BAY SANDS -SINGAPORE'S MOST EXCITINGEXHIBITION AND MEETING VENUETO BOOK YOUR MARINA BAY SANDS EXPERIENCE 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 | +65 6688 3000 | | marinabaysands.comSituated in the heart of Singapore, Marina Bay SandsĀ® is only a 20 minute ride from Singapore's Changi Airport. With Asia's largest and most flexible meetings and convention space -there are no limits to what your business can achieve at Marina Bay Sands.

Exhibition World | Preview15This month, Singapore welcomes more than 350exhibition industry professionals from across theglobe as they gather for the 77th UFI Congress forfour days of networking, discussion and debate. Thisyear's congress will follow the theme of 'SuccessfulBusiness in a Changing World', and features speakersfrom Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and China.The event, moderated by Thailand Convention andExhibition Bureau (TCEB) board director, PojaiPookakupt, runs from 10 to 13 November at the MarinaBay Sands resort in Singapore. As with previous events,a variety of regional chapter meetings will run alongsidethe UFI General Assembly.Kishore Mahbubani, from the Lee Kuan Yew School ofPublic Policy at the National University of Singapore,will discuss why the shift in power to Asia is happeningnow and what factors are driving this shift, whileprofessor Michael Enright from the University of HongKong asks what this shift will mean for global patternsof production and consumption, given that exhibitionsmirror market conditions.Also on the agenda will be Michael Luehrs from theMCI Group (Switzerland) discussing green initiatives,David Wei from (China) on the future ofdoing business, and Jochen Witt from JWC (Germany)providing regional analysis of the industry alongsidefindings from the UFI Think Tank sessions."We chose this year's general congress theme,'Successful Business in a Changing World', because wefeel that our exhibition world is changing faster thanever," said Rowena Arzt, director of businessdevelopment at UFI."Modern communication technologies facilitate newways of doing business. Powerful markets are evolvingand business is shifting geographically. We are moreand more aware that financial resources are tightlycontrolled. Following on from the economic crisis,companies are rethinking the way they want to investtheir marketing budgets."All this influences the exhibition industry," shecontinues. "As a business medium, we must examinehow we can stay at the top of the marketing mix in thischanging business environment. How can we takeadvantage of these new situations? What threats andchallenges can we turn into exciting exhibitionbusiness opportunities?" UFI Congress 2010EWpreviews the 77th UFI Congress in Singapore and speaks to Thomas Arasi,president and CEO of congress host, Marina Bay Sands.THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| Nov/Dec 2010|77th UFI Congress venue, Marina Bay Sands