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© 2010 Agility Logistics AG"Make us the star of every show."Go ahead, challenge us.At Agility, we deliver one-stop shopping for fairs and events, from planning to delivery to customs to return shipment. So we're not only providing services to exhibitors and event organizers, we have an unmatched track record of success at some of the world's biggest venues and spectacles....................................Agility is a leading logistics company with 32,000 employees taking care of our customers in more than 120 countries. Put your local office to the test: +65.6463 9868

tel:+44 (0)20 8971 8282fax:+44 (0)20 8971 8283email:info@mashmedia.netUFI:Lili Eigl tel:+33 (0) 1 42 67 99 12Exhibition Worldis published by Mash Media,Faraday House, 39 Thornton Road,Wimbledon, London SW19 4NQ.Views expressed are not necessarily those ofthe publishers. No part of this publication maybe reproduced without the express writtenpermission of the publishers.Printed by Gemini Press.Exhibition World | ContentsTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET3UFI- The Global Association of theExhibition Industry promotes,represents and serves the interestsof the world's leading showorganisers, fairground owners andoperators, major national and inter national associations of theexhibition industry and industrypartners. As a non-political andnon-profit organisation, UFI's maingoal is to serve the exhibitionindustry worldwide and toemphasise its unique marketingcharacteristics for the developmentof world trade.Present on six continents, in 83countries, UFI is a unique andneutral forum for dialogue dedicatedto all professionals involved in thetrade fair business. Serving theexhibition industry since 1925, UFIapplies its professional experienceand renown to providing itsmembers and the industry with theextensive know-how required tomeet the challenges of ever-changing needs.Being a member of UFI is a proofof quality and internationalrecognition. Over 4,500 trade fairsand exhibitions are organised by itsmembers. More than 700 of theseare international exhibitions, app roved by UFI, based upon strictand exacting quality criteria,assuring excellent services for thebenefit of exhibitors and visitors.President:Manfred Wutzlhofer, 2010Eric Everard, 2011UFI Managing Director:Paul Woodward UFI Communications Manager:Lili Eigl 35bis, rue Jouffroy-d'Abbans75017 ParisTel: +33 (0)1 42 67 99 12Fax: +33 (0)1 42 27 19 29Email:info@ufi.orgWebsite:www.ufi.orgUFI Asia/Pacific Regional Office:1101 Wilson House,19-27 Wyndham Street,Central, Hong Kong, ChinaTel: (852) 2525 6129Fax: (852) 2525 6171Email:asia@ufi.orgUFI Middle East/Africa RegionalOfficePO Box 60833,11th floor, EIBFS bldg,Murur St,Abu Dhabi, UAETel: (971) (0)2 4101216Fax: (971) (0)2 4493101Email:mea@ufi.orgThe opinions and views expressedin Exhibition World do notnecessarily reflect UFI policy orposition.Contents051525NewsUFI Congress 2010EW takes a look at what to expect fromthe 77th UFI Annual Congress 18Climbing mountains with UFIIncoming UFI president Eric Everard talksabout his hopes for the futurePaul Colston visits Taiwan and finds theexhibition industry is building momentumTaiwan's events identitybegins to bloom34Photo galleryPictures from UFI's recent trip to theShanghai World Expo29Glenn Hansen on the misplaced anxietythat accompanies exhibition auditing Learning to countAs I write this column, thesix-month-old ShanghaiWorld Expo is drawing to aclose. The ChineseGovernment claims theevent easily surpassed itsambitious target of 70 millionvisitors.It's a target that we'reunlikely to see bettered,propped up as the expo wasby the largest local market;one-fifth of the world's totalpopulation.But still, 70 million people?To put that number incontext, if everyone in Italy -home to the Milan WorldExpo in 2015 - had made thetrip to Shanghai, theorganiser would still needeveryone in Greece to attendin order to equal thenumbers on the doors.It is a huge figure andtestament to the Chinesemarket's passion forexhibitions. At its launch, critics werequick to dismiss the expo asa white elephant; a chest-beating exercise increasinglyout of step with moderntrends, overshadowed byinternational spectaclessuch as the Olympics, or theFIFA World Cup.But that's not the purposeof a World Expo. The event -a cross between a trade fairand a theme park - gives theattending countries a chanceto impress the local market.It's the reason politiciansand captains of industrymade the trip to Shanghai,and the reason that theinternational expo modelcontinues to have value.Antony Reeve-CrookEditorarc@mashmedia.netwww.exhibition-world.netTwitter: ExhibitionWorldMANAGING EDITORNadia Cameronncameron@mashmedia.netEDITORAntony Reeve-Crookarc@mashmedia.netADVERTISING MANAGERAndrew Frenchafrench@mashmedia.netpublisher: Mark Brewster production:Luke Spalding, JustynaKochanska, Philippa Somerset| Nov/Dec 2010|News from around the exhibition world