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49EXHIBITING- March 2011 latest innovations and services hitting the exhibition floorinnovationIlluminate your wayBig screen and video wall supplier Psco has launched a newflexible LED technology to the UK exhibition and event market.A Nanolumens 112" screen is 6mm thick, which allows it to bewrapped around pillars or moulded into curves to create differentways of portraying display or video media.The screens run with minimal power consumption on a simple'plug and play' system. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use."Nanolumens' flexibility means it opens new doors at exhibitonsor events. A pillar or wavy exhibition stand can now have basicallya digital canvas applied to it," said managing director of Psco,Stuart The Dec/Jan issue of Exhibiting(pg. 49) featured the BellstoneEZ-Modular System. The product is based on technology owned by Tecna UK.Fusion with intentCombining sensory marketing and visitor engagementin one fell swoop, event supplier Gasp Events has comeup with an exhibitor attraction to get the pulse racing.The Smoothie Bike can be provided with promotionalstaff and all the fruit, juice and ice required to makehundreds of fresh fruit drinks. The bikes don't requireany extra electrical power as the visitors do all the leg work.The bikes have been custom-made in California andcan be fully branded by exhibitors. They can beespecially ideal for use in the lifestyle or health sectorsto promote a healthy lifestyle. "The bikes can cater for a new visitor every 90seconds, just long enough to zap their badge anddeliver a probing pitch before sending them off withtheir own smoothie," said Gasp Events director,Benjamin Hunt.www.gaspevents.comStretching it out Stand component supplier Aluvision has brought Subvision tothe exhibition hall, a modular and lightweight solution formaking geometrical volumes with tension fabric.Showing hardly any shadow trims and no structural profilesat all, the system is ideal for exhibition stand designs.Subvision can be used freestanding, hung from the ceiling orattached to a wall.As the profiles connect to a solid corner piece to form astable structure, there is no need for reinforcement orconnection parts. This allows exhibitors to optimise time spenton the floor."All pieces can be used again, so it offers cost effective andenvironmentally friendly factors too," said international salesmanager, Filip

audit watch The ABC audit:what's up and what's down audit watchFactsand figuresNew total ABC attendance figure: 4,532Previous ABC attendance figure: 4,931Speciality and Fine Food ShowOrganiser:Fresh RMSector:Catering and hospitalityVisitor attendance (registered):7,432Other visitor attendance:1,932New total ABC attendance figure:9,364Previous ABC attendance figure:8,923CNational Wedding Show (Birmingham)Organiser:Ocean MediaSector:Women's interestVisitor attendance (registered): 15,797Other visitor attendance:1,591New total ABC attendance figure:17,388Previous ABC attendance figure: 18,194Metro Ski and Snowboard Show (VOS Media)Civils (Emap Connect)International Luxury Travel Market (Reed Travel Exhibitions)Aircraft Interiors Expo 2010Organiser:Reed ExhibitionsSector:AeronauticalVisitor attendance (registered):6,173Other visitor attendance:4,057New total ABC attendance figure:10,230Previous ABC attendance figure:11,121All-Energy 2010Organiser: Media Generation EventsSector:EnergyVisitor attendance (registered):4,939Other visitor attendance:1,922New total ABC attendance figure:6,861Previous ABC attendance figure:n/aThe ABC adds value by providing independently audited attendance figures of member exhibitions. Newly-releasedcertificatesPlasa 2010Organiser: Plasa EventsSector:Entertainment and broadcasttechnologyVisitor attendance (registered):11,928Other visitor attendance:3,101New total ABC attendance figure:15,029Previous ABC attendance figure:14,861Square Meal's Venues and EventsOrganiser: Venues and EventsSector:Corporate and organisationVisitor attendance (registered):6,199Other visitor attendance:1,002New total ABC attendance figure: 7,201Previous ABC attendance figure:7,038Call Centre and Customer Management ExpoOrganiser:UBM LiveSector:TelecommunicationsVisitor attendance (registered):3,592Other visitor attendance:940EXHIBITING- March 2011