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Live communications agencyDeeper Blue (DB) has beenawarded a two-year contract by carmanufacturer Vauxhall Motors.The deal covers all live events forboth Vauxhall and Chevrolet brandsin the UK."We want to create a closerpartnership with our agencies sothat they truly understand our brandat a time when we are challengingourselves to become the numberone automotive brand in the UK,"said marketing operations managerat Vauxhall Motors, Keith Michaels."This will be an exciting time towork with Vauxhall, especially nowas it is involved with the Englandfootball team," co-owner of DeeperBlue, Laurence Croneen, told EX.Promotional product tradeassociation Promota has called thisyear's Royal Wedding a "once in alifetime business opportunity".The time running up to PrinceWilliam and Catherine Middleton'swedding in April represents a hugeshot in the arm for the sector, it says."It won't just be businesses lookingto give gifts; it will be street parties,events, souvenirs. The opportunitiesfor our industry are huge," saidchairman of Promota, David Webster. "Our economy could do with aboost as the Bank of England ispredicting only marginal growth of2.6 per cent this year."Webster added the wedding wastimely given the announcementin respect of a ban on promotionalproducts to the pharmaceuticalindustry. "That was a real kick in the teethfor us as a sector. However, thisproves that as one door closes,another one opens," he and views7EXHIBITING- March 2011 bellsringoutfor the promotional industryDon't make uslook likesocial TwitsVauxhall to goDeeperwith its live marketingFollowing the case of footballerRyan Babel's inappropriate use ofsocial networking site Twitter thisyear, Steve Cotterill, the managerof Portsmouth FC, has gone onestep further.Babel was fined £10,000 forposting a Tweet of match officialHoward Webb in a ManchesterUnited shirt after Liverpool's FA Cupdefeat against them. Cotterill has banned his playersfrom using social network sites: "I have told them if they do it, then I will fine them £1,000 per word. It is a load of old rubbish anyway,"he told The Daily Star.That's one in the eye for socialnetworking evangelists!