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EXHIBITING - June 2011 and views'Show off your plumage'When it comes to reviewing your companyÕs exhibiting strategy for future participation, the stand is inevitably one aspect that receives a lot of attention.Do you keep it the same as last year? Are wholesale changes needed because of a company rebrand, or has the live marketing budget been squeezed, meaning that you canÕt afford that 50sqm space again?Whatever you decide, you really do need to be as proud as a peacock when the doors open at any show. It doesnÕt matter if you have a small shell scheme space or a huge custom-built stand, yours can still be the one that visitors remember once they leave the venue.This month IÕve spoken to many exhibition stand and design suppliers and gathered feedback on how their industry is working with marketers to find solutions to these questions and more. To continue this train of thought, photography brand Nikon reveals how it won its fifth 'best stand' award at a recent industry exhibition on page 20.I hope you can use these articles as a springboard for ideas when you next talk to your contractors.See you on the show floor!James BarrettDeputy editor exhibitingFirst published expo brand report is hereGlobal auditor of media channels BPA Worldwide has published what it claims is the first brand report to revolve around an exhibition.The report, which covers organiser Imago TechmediaÕs IP Expo 2010, reports attendance as well as traffic to its two websites, delivery of promotional emails and e-newsletters and its interaction on several social media groups.BPA claims this kind of report will allow exhibition and event organisers to better monetise consumer information across the multiple media platforms, as well as allow media buyers to see the potential worth in extending their brand awareness alongside the IP Expo brand.ÒGiven the competition for exhibitor revenue, it is not difficult to appreciate the value of reporting a brandÕs entire impact in its marketplace,Ó said BPA Worldwide MD (EMEA) Stuart Wilkinson. ÒMedia owners use multiple platforms and media buyers need a better understanding and identification of all touch-points the brand has with consumers.ÓIP Expo 2010 is an IT infrastructure event held annually in London every October.ÒWe believe this report will help our exhibitors and sponsors thoroughly determine the depth and scope of our exhibition and evaluate which of the eventÕs supporting channels can help them achieve their marcomms objectives,Ó added Imago senior marketing manager Sian Sparkes.Bourbon drinks brand Jim Beam (JB) has teamed up with 10 recording artists and is nearing the end of its Live Music Series in the US.The 11-stop tour started in March and is tapping into local radio and real music cultures. JB is giving away 200 tickets to a pre-party before each performance, also allowing over 18s to download songs and interviews by the performers.It also builds anticipation via each cityÕs local radio station in a bid to cement its position as a brand that cares about its consumersÕ passions.ÒOne of our goals is to play a meaningful role in setting the stage for fans to forge their own stories and experiences through music,Ó said director of US Bourbons at Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Rob Mason. ÒWe are cranking up our music platform with the concerts, but also offering consumers exclusive content as well.ÓJB is keeping branding to a minimum at the concerts, but brand ambassadors meet and greet attendees at each venue. Attendees also get a branded rucksack, guitar pick, stickers and poster of the performing artists.Artists taking part include Kid Rock, Richard Ashcroft and The Cold War Kids. The tour ends on 9 July.Jim Beam music tour in full swing

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