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Our experience will guarantee your experience will be a memorable one Cannizaro House Westside Wimbledon Common London SW19 4UE T: 020 8879 1464 F: 020 8879 7338 experienceteam@ cannizarohouse. com www. cannizarohouse. com Cannizaro House on Wimbledon Common is set within acres of parkland and has six individually furnished meetings rooms which can accommodate 2 to 122 delegates. We have 46 elegant bedrooms and an award- winning restaurant making Cannizaro House the ideal venue for training, brain- storming, conferences or team building 30 minutes from London's West End

EXHIBITING- July/ August 2010 www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk 19 2 Try to avoid the production of single use items like graphics, custom build stands, one- off promotional items etc. Through our main production company, the Agency has a target to reduce the production of single use graphics to zero in 2010- 11. Our main exhibition system is modular, rather than custom built, so can be reconfigured across a range of different stand sizes and specifications. Printed graphic panels are corporate and generic, operating a sustainable exhibiting strategy. As a large government agency with nationally negotiated contracts, we can bring more influence to bear on suppliers and contractors. Nevertheless, most of the key elements in our strategy would be relevant to smaller organisations and could be adopted by them to make their shows more environmentally sustainable: 1 Do less, but better: Exhibiting can be an expensive business once you factor in the potential costs. Make sure the shows you attend are essential to your sales or strategic priorities. That way at least you can be certain that any environmental impact is unavoidable. environmental feature and therefore relevant to all of our key exhibitions. 3 Make greater use of multimedia: Plasma or touch screens, digital picture frame etc can be used for show- specific messages. Not only does this remove the necessity for single- use graphic printing, it also provides a focus for stand staff to interact far more effectively with customers. Also, multimedia functions like films, slide shows, photos and animations can be flexible, re- usable and sometimes cheaper than any large format graphic can ever be. 4 Reduce the amount of literature on stand: At our most recent national conference, we supplied each delegate with a recycled memory stick onto which they could download whatever publications they required from download stations. Again, much more interactive and focused, less wasteful and more fun. 5 If you are buying recycled promotional items or equipment, you can check on the supply chain, so that our environmental conscience is not being satisfied at the expense of someone else's working and living conditions. This is just a brief, and by no means comprehensive, look at some of the things you can do to minimise the environmental impact of your exhibiting. As I say, its not rocket science and certainly not expensive. If anything, adopting the approaches above will save you money and, I believe, can make us all better exhibitors. Even the cardboard displays are better these days. Being green needn't be the headache some may consider it to be " Reduce the amount of literature on your stand"