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www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk July/ August 2010 - EXHIBITING 30 stand focus S pecialist Structures is a UK- based company focusing on the temporary structures market. Its modular Space Building System ( SBS) is designed to provide exhibition pavilions for clients to put their stamp upon. Based on a modular grid system, Specialist's construction method enables it to design and construct made- to- measure exhibition stands, sometimes with unusual or asymmetrical floor plans or multilevel structures. The system also includes a range of finishes, including architectural glass walling and personalised branding to reflect corporate identity. Specialist's SBS system was on display at the recent German construction equipment show, Bauma. The largest show of its kind, Bauma attracts 415,000 global visitors and spreads over 555,000sqm of exhibition space. The client at Bauma was Becker Communications, a US- based exhibition stand design company. Becker Communications' end client, exhibiting at the show, was Chinese construction company Liugong. Luigong's brief was simple: design an exhibition stand to make a big statement at Bauma and get the company noticed on an international stage. Specialist and Becker Communications designed and constructed an eye- catching stand, consisting of two 5m by 7.5m double storey pavilions, linked together by a specially constructed aerial platform Exhibitingdigs into the story of a large outdoor stand at German construction exhibition Bauma. Many hands make ligh

EXHIBITING- July/ August 2010 www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk 31 stand focus an exhibition stand have the opportunity to re- use the structure in a completely different configuration at other events. This offers cost and energy savings compared to commissioning a new stand for each exhibition. Specialist has also invested in an animated computer package which allows clients to see their exhibition stand taking shape on screen, making any necessary adjustments at the planning stage. Liugong used this facility to alter the position and direction of the stand's staircases as a result of seeing a ' virtual stand'. " We continually challenge our design team to create unique, yet practical, environments for our clients that will have a positive impact in their respective industry," says president of Becker Communications, Joel Becker. " Successful results rely heavily on everyone involved. From day one, Specialist and Luigong shared our creative visions and helped to make them a workable reality." sales activity while potential customers enjoyed a rest. The entire pavilion was constructed in Liugong's vibrant corporate colours of blue and orange, which Liugong's communications manager, Stacie Adams, described as " important as it created a visual ' stop sign' for passing visitors". " Successful stands are about getting the balance right between providing a formal space for business and maintaining a relaxed environment where visitors can learn more without feeling intimated," says general manager of Specialist Structures, Paul Shepheard. " The open plan layout of Liugong's pavilion allowed for easy flow of people from one area to another. Liugong chose to rent their exhibition stand from Specialist, which means all component parts can be recycled into other projects. Those who purchase and protected from the elements by a bespoke canopy. Inside, the layout provided space for a mix of business and social networking with six meeting rooms and a separate hospitality area. The stand was designed to link the indoor and outdoor areas of Liugong's exhibition space. An open air area displayed 12 of the company's construction equipment including loaders, excavators and rollers. A carpeted timber walkway allowed visitors to view the products from all angles, which then led them toward the twin pavilions. The layout was also designed to make the most of the stand's location at a major intersection in the exhibition. Kiosks on each corner of the stand provided seating areas and information points for passing visitors, and an opportunity for some subtle " We continually challenge our design team to create unique, yet practical, environments for our clients" ht work