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For further details please contact the sales team on: T: 0870 600 6061 E: sales@ theo2. co. uk The British Music Experience is a permanent exhibition dedicated the history of popular music in Britain. Using state of the art interactive and iconic memorabilia you can explore how rock, pop, dance and other genres were formed and have in ?? uenced the last sixty years of British society and culture. The state of the art ?? nale space is versatile and ?? exible making it suitable for an array of events: ?? ?? inners for up to 260 ?? Theatre style conferences for ?? 00 ?? ?? rinks receptions for up to ?? 00 We are now able to offer exclusive private viewings of the exhibition. Guests can view the exhibits and dance the decades with a glass of champagne. " It's amazing, I don't want to go home. It's really interactive, I love the smart tickets and I can't wait to recommend it to my bosses as an events space."- Linda Wadkin, PA to the Chief Executive of Courthaulds " It's an excellent venue and I loved the fact that corporate hire of the Finale Space included access to the exhibits. It is a fantastic space for live events but also stylish and effective for private hire - just the type of venue we'd be interested in using from a bespoke perspective." Jennifer Campbell, Senior Consultant at Style de Vie Unique The British Music Experience - Hire the perfect space Jennie. double@ aegworldwide. co. uk T: 0208 ?? 6 ?? 21 ?? ?? Gemma. stone@ aegworldwide. co. uk T: 0208 ?? 6 ?? 21 ?? 2

49 EXHIBITING- July/ August 2010 www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk The latest innovations and services hitting the exhibition floor innovation Care for a drink? Beverage provision company Sejuiced can offer branded drinks services at exhibitions and live events. Its fresh drinks services can let exhibitors offer interactive brand experiences, which can appeal to all five senses. Sejuiced claims to offer a range of solutions to fit any event need or budget, from branded juice, smoothie and milkshake bars, juicers and personalised bottled fruit drinks. Bespoke drinks menus are also available. It can be used to create a buzz on exhibition stands by combining the benefits of hospitality with high- impact marketing. This can aid in creating brand experiences, increasing stand footfall and extend time with key contacts BDM of Sejuiced, Sylvia Garvin, says: " Our services work across all exhibition platforms, both as a stand attraction or as a central networking bar. Clients appreciate the fact that we can also integrate into stand designs." www. sejuiced. co. uk Any carry on? Promotional bag company Crazy Bags has added an environmentally- friendly laminate canvas bag to its range of exhibitor offerings. Available in natural canvas or black, the bags can be adapted, with a choice of soft- feel loop, rope or canvas handles. Fully- laminated internal panels enable bags to be wiped clean, while the heavyweight canvas adds enough support for bags to stand up without falling over. For use at an exhibition, images or designs can be transfer- printed, or standard screen printed for less complex designs, with up to 10 pantone matched colours per side. Crazy Bags MD, Andy Steavenson, says: " By handpicking ethically- sourced products, we can help companies meet their bagging needs, but without compromising on quality. This new laminate bag offers a credible alternative to other bags." www. crazybags. co. uk Is that your final answer? Qwizdom present its Audience Response System, which is designed to engage and involve audiences, while instantly capturing direct feedback. An exhibitor can ask questions to an audience and each member of the audience will respond using the Qwizdom handset. Up to nine different question types including multiple-choice, yes/ no, true/ false, numeric, text, demographic, sequence and multiple mark can be asked. Feedback can be viewed instantly on a screen and is available for post- event analysis in several formats. On an exhibition stand, the system can be used to obtain feedback from stand visitors, to track demographics and for data profiling. Marketing manager at Qwizdom, Eddie Morgan, says: " By offering a potential customer the option of using an interactive handset, exhibitors could collect information quickly and simply." www. qwizdom. co. uk